Lenovo ThinkVision E2002b 19.5” LED TFT Monitor Bedienungsanleitung

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Seite 1 - User’s Guide

E2002bA LCD Monitor User’s Guide

Seite 2

8OSD Settings • Press the MENU-button to activate the OSD window. • Press + or - to navigate through the functions. Once the desired fu

Seite 3 - National Conventions

Image AdjustmentLuminance Adjust Range DescriptionBrightness0-100Backlight AdjustmentContrast0-100Contrast from Digital-registerEco StandardStanda

Seite 4 - FCC Notice

1Problems and SolutionsProblem and QuestionsPossible SolutionsPower LED is Not ON• Make sure the power button is ON and the Power Cord is proper

Seite 5 - Precautions

1SpecicationsLCD PanelModel Number(2E$Driving system TFT Color LCDViewable Image Size 4mm diagonal Pixel Pitch 0.mm (H) x 0.mm (V) Video

Seite 6 - Adjusting Viewing Angle

1EPA ENERGY STAR ® ENERGY STAR® is a U.S registered mark. As an ENERGY STAR® Partner, our company has determined that this product meets the EN

Seite 7 - Attaching the Cables

1Pin No. Signal Name Pin No. Signal Name Pin No. Signal Name1 TMDS Data 2- 9 TMDS Data 1- 17 TMDS Data 0-2 TMDS Data 2+ 10 TMDS Data 1+ 18 TMDS

Seite 8 - Wall Mounting

TABLE OF CONTENTSABOUT THIS GUIDE------------------------------------------------------------------------1NATIONAL CONVENTIONS---------------------

Seite 9 - External Controls

1About This Guide This guide describes the monitor’s features, setup, and operation. lnformation in this document is subject to change without notice

Seite 10 - OSD Settings

2FCC Notice FCC Class B Radio Frequency Interference Statement WARNING: (FOR FCC CERTIFIED MODELS)NOTE: This equipment has been tested and

Seite 11 - Image Adjustment

3Precautions Read and follow these precautions when connecting and using your computer monitor: PRECAUTIONS• Do not use the monitor near water, e.g.

Seite 12 - Problems and Solutions

4Setup the stand and base Please setup or remove the base following below steps. Adjusting Viewing Angle • For optimal viewing it is recommended to l

Seite 13 - Specications

5Attaching the Cables Cable Connections On Back of Monitor and Computer 1. Power Cord

Seite 14 - Pin Assignments

6Wall Mounting Preparing to Install An Optional Wall Mounting Arm This monitor can be attached to a wall mounting arm you purchase separately. Disco

Seite 15 - DVI-D pins

71 Auto / Exit 2 - / ECO4 + / Image Ratio 5 Menu / Enter External Controls Press the power button to turn the monitor on or

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