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Seite 1 - User's Guide

LT2452pwCFlat Panel MonitorUser's Guide

Seite 2 - Product numbers

Connect one end of the USB hub cable to the USB connector on the back of thecomputer, and the other end to the upstream USB connector on the monitor.P

Seite 3 - Contents

Rotate the head of the monitor into portrait view.Chapter 1. Getting started 1-7

Seite 4 - Safety information

Place the cables through the Main Clip. Then fasten the clip.Wrap the Cable Wrapper around the cables.1-8LT2452pwC Flat Panel Monitor User’s Guide

Seite 5 - Chapter 1. Getting started

Remove the Rubber Cover from the back of the stand.Replace the Cable Cover.Chapter 1. Getting started 1-9

Seite 6 - Types of adjustments

Power on the monitor and the computer.Install the monitor driver, download the driver of the corresponding monitor model from the Lenovo Website: http

Seite 7 - User controls

Registering your optionThank you for purchasing this Lenovo® product. Please take a few moments to registeryour product and provide us with informatio

Seite 8 - Setting up your monitor

Chapter 2. Adjusting and using your monitorThis section will give you information on adjusting and using your monitor.Comfort and accessibilityGood er

Seite 9

·Tilt: Adjust the tilt of your monitor to optimize the appearance of the screencontent and to accommodate your preferred head and neck posture.·Genera

Seite 10

Accessibility informationLenovo is committed to providing greater access to information and technology topeople with disabilities. With assistive tech

Seite 11

To use the controls:1. Press to open the main OSD menu. 2. Use or to move among the icons. Select an icon and press to access that functi

Seite 12

Product numbers60A6-MAR2-WWFirst Edition (December 2012)© Copyright Lenovo 2012.All rights reserved.LENOVO products, data, computer software, and serv

Seite 13 - Replace the Cable Cover

Table 2-2. OSD functionsOSD Iconon MainMenuSubmenuDescriptionControls andAdjustments(Analog)ControlsandAdjustments(Digital)Brightness-/ContrastBrightn

Seite 14

Table 2-2. OSD functions (continued))OSD Icon on SubmenuDescriptionControls and Controls andMain Menu Adjustments Adjustments(Analog) (Digital)Options

Seite 15 - Registering your option

The display modes shown below have been optimized at the factory.Table 2-3. Factory set display modesAddressabilityRefresh rate640 x 35070 Hz640 x 480

Seite 16 - Arranging your work area

For optimal performance, switch off your monitor at the end of each working day, orwhenever you expect to leave it unused for long periods during the

Seite 17

Detaching the monitor standAfter placing the monitor face down on a clean surface or soft cloth, remove the fourscrews from the stand to remove it fro

Seite 18 - Adjusting your monitor image

Chapter 3. Reference informationThis section contains monitor specifications, instructions to manually install themonitor driver, troubleshooting info

Seite 19

Table 3-1. Monitor specifications for type-model 60A6-MAR2-WW (continued)Video input (DP) Interface DPHorizontal addressability 1920 pixels (max)Verti

Seite 20 - Table 2-2. OSD functions

TroubleshootingIf you have a problem setting up or using your monitor, you might be able to solve ityourself. Before calling your dealer or Lenovo, tr

Seite 21

Table 3-2. Troubleshootingg(continued))ProblemPossible causeSuggested actionReferenceScreen isblank andpowerindicator issteady amberor flashinggreenTh

Seite 22 - Image rotation

3.Use or to select Clock and Phase adjustment.·Clock (pixel frequency) adjusts the number of pixels scanned by one horizontalsweep. If the frequen

Seite 23 - Caring for your monitor

ContentsSafety information...

Seite 24 - Wall Mounting (Optional)

Installing the monitor driver in Windows 7 1. Turn off the computer and all attached devices.2. Ensure that the monitor is connected correctly.3. Turn

Seite 25 - Monitor specifications

Installing the monitor driver in Windows 8/Windows 8.1 To use the Plug and Play feature in Microsoft Windows 8/Windows 8.1,do the following: 1. Turn

Seite 26

Getting further helpIf you still can’t solve your problem, please contact the Lenovo Support Center. Formore information on contacting the Customer Su

Seite 27 - Troubleshooting

Service partsThe following parts are for use by Lenovo service, or Lenovo authorized dealers, tosupport the customer warranty. Parts are for service u

Seite 28 - Manual image setup

Appendix A. Service and SupportThe following information describes the technical support that is available for yourproduct, during the warranty period

Seite 29

Date and time Update to beVisible on the WebsiteCountry orRegionsLanguage Old Telephone Number(s) New Telephone Number(s) Hours of OperationApplicable

Seite 30

Date and time Update to beVisible on the WebsiteCountry orRegionsLanguage Old Telephone Number(s) New Telephone Number(s) Hours of OperationApplicable

Seite 31

Date and time Update to be Country orVisible on the Website RegionsLanguage Old Telephone Number(s)New TelephoneNumber(s)Hours of OperationApplicable

Seite 32 - Customer responsibilities

Date and time Update to beVisible on the WebsiteCountry orRegionsLanguage Old Telephone Number(s)New TelephoneNumber(s)Hours of OperationApplicable to

Seite 33 - Service parts

Appendix B. NoticesLenovo may not offer the products, services, or features discussed in this document inall countries. Consult your local Lenovo repr

Seite 34 - Telephone technical support

Safety informationGeneral Safety guidelinesFor tips to help you use your computer safety, go to: http://www.lenovo.com/safetyBefore installing this pr

Seite 35

Any references in this publication to non-Lenovo Web sites are provided forconvenience only and do not in any manner serve as an endorsement of those

Seite 36

waste disposal contractor certified by a local government. In accordance with the Lawfor Promotion of Effective Utilization of Resources, Lenovo Japan

Seite 37

Turkish statement of compliance The Lenovo product meets the requirements of

Seite 38

Chapter 1. Getting startedThis User’s Guide contains detailed information on the ThinkVision®LT2452pwC FlatPanel Monitor. For a quick overview, please

Seite 39 - Appendix B. Notices

Product overviewThis section will provide information on adjusting monitor positions, setting usercontrols, and using the cable lock slot.Types of adj

Seite 40 - Recycling information

Height AdjustmentAfter pressing the top of the monitor, remove the fixed pin and adjust the height of themonitor.110mmMonitor Pivot- Adjust height to

Seite 41 - Trademarks

Cable lock slotYour monitor is equipped with a cable lock slot located on the rear of your monitor (inthe lower left corner). Please follow the instru

Seite 42 - Ukraine RoHS

Connect the digital signal cable to the DVI connector of the monitor and theother end on the back of the computer.noisiVknihT 91L0x Connect one end

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