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Seite 1 - C2 Series

Version 1.0Machine type: 100402010.03LenovoC2 SeriesUser Guide31041970

Seite 2 - Important Safety Information

5User Guide1.5 Connecting your computerUse the following information to connect your computer:• Lookforthesmallconnectoriconsonthebackofyou

Seite 3

6User Guide1.5.4 If you have audio devices, attach them using the following instructions:12 Microphone Use this connector to attach a microphone (pur

Seite 4 - Contents

7User Guide1.5.6 If you have powered speakers without an adapter:(This picture is only a sketch print, it does not show the actual figure of the speake

Seite 5

8User Guide1.5.8 Connect the power cords properly to grounded electrical outlets. 1. Plug the power adapter cord into the back of the computer.2. Pl

Seite 6 - Using the Computer Hardware

9User Guide1.6 Important information about using the computerPress the power button on the bottom right of the screen to turn on the computer.Hold the

Seite 7 - 6 7 8 93 4 5

10User Guide1.7 Keyboard and Mouse (wired)LVTLVTLVT —— After entering Windows, press this key to launch the LVT (Lenovo Vantage Technology) program, L

Seite 8 - 1.3 Rear view of the computer

12345ChapterUsing the Rescue SystemThis chapter contains the following topics:Ø Rescue System Ø Internet application instructions Attention: Using

Seite 9 - 1.4 Computer stand

12User GuideNote about the service partition:The files and relevant data used by the rescue system are saved in the service partition. Deleting this pa

Seite 10 - 1.5 Connecting your computer

13User Guide Notes:1. Itisrecommendednottoinstallthesoftwarewhichisalreadyonthecomputer.2. Before accessing the operating system, make

Seite 11 - User Guide

14User Guidebelost,andotherpartitionsonthediskwillremainunchanged.Inorderto prevent loss of data, be sure to back up important data befor

Seite 12

Important Safety Information Before using this manual, it is important that you read and understand all of the related safety information for this pro

Seite 13 - MS/MS Pro/MMC/SD/SDHC

15User Guide Note: The drive letter of the source file must be different from the target drive letter. Then click the copy icon.Wait while copying. N

Seite 14

16User Guide2.4 OneKey AntivirusThe OneKey Antivirus is independent of the operating system. It can process general virus scan and killing, and it can

Seite 15

17User GuideVirus definitions can be updated by:• Downloadingthelatestviruspackageonline.• Obtainingthelatestviruspackagefromtheashdisk

Seite 16 - Using the Rescue System

18User Guide2. This software only scans and kills the viruses in the hard disk drive partitions, not in floppy disks, flash disks or CDs. You can insta

Seite 17 - Computer

12345ChapterUsing the Computer SoftwareThis chapter contains the following topics:Ø Computer software instructions Note: The interface and function

Seite 18 - 2.2 OneKey Recovery

20User Guide3.1 Power2Go — Burning Discs (This software can only be used on models with a rewritable optical drive)Power2Go is the software for disc b

Seite 19 - 2.3 File Management

21User Guide3.2 WinDVDWith WinDVD, you can play DVDs and VCDs.To launch the player:Choose All Programs → InterVideo WinDVD from the Start menu to laun

Seite 20 - 2.3.4 Search

22User Guide3.3 McAfee Security CenterMcAfee VirusScan Center offers proactive PC security to prevent malicious attacks. It also provides security aga

Seite 21 - 2.4 OneKey Antivirus

12345ChapterSystem Maintenance and RecoveryThis chapter contains the following topics:Ø Daily Maintenance and Tools InstructionsUser Guide23

Seite 22 - Online Update

24User Guide4.1 Restoring the SystemThe system can develop problems due to erroneous operation or the installation of additional software. If software

Seite 24 - Using the Computer Software

25User Guide4.4 Checking For, and Correcting Disk ErrorsTo properly maintain your system, you should periodically check for and fix hard disk errors by

Seite 25 - 3.1 Power2Go — Burning Discs

26User Guide Note: To avoid damaging the LCD monitor, do not spray cleaning solution directly onto the monitor. Only use products specifically designe

Seite 26 - 3.2 WinDVD

12345ChapterTroubleshooting and Confirming SetupThis chapter contains the following topics:Ø Troubleshooting and Problem Resolution Note: Thedescrip

Seite 27 - 3.3 McAfee Security Center

28User GuideSolving ProblemsFollow these tips when you troubleshoot your computer:• Ifyouaddedorremovedapartbeforetheproblemstarted,review

Seite 28 - Recovery

29User Guideor other computers that may be generating magnetic interference.2. Move any interfering devices away from the computer.3. If the problem

Seite 29 - 4.3 Cleaning Up the Disk

30User Guidethrough other drastic means. This can cause system program disorder or even failure during system initialization.During the uninstall proc

Seite 30 - 4.5 Defragmenting the Disk(s)

31User Guidehard disk space. This may account for the apparent hard disk capacity deficit.Further Technical Explanation: The nominal capacity of the ha

Seite 31

32User Guide

Seite 32

1ContentsContentsImportant Safety Information Chapter 1 Using the Computer Hardware ... 11.1 Front view of the computer ..

Seite 33 - Solving Problems

2Contents4.5 Defragmenting the Disk(s) ...254.6 Performing Daily Maintenance Tasks ...

Seite 34

12345ChapterThis chapter contains the following topics:Ø Computer hardware introductionØ Information on computer connections Note: The descriptions

Seite 35 - Hard Disks

2User Guide1.1 Front view of the computer16 7 8 93 4 52Built-in microphoneCameraHard disk drive indicatorWireless LAN card indicatorLCD ON/OFF indicat

Seite 36

3User Guide15432Memory card reader Microphone connectorUSB ports (2) Optical drive slotHeadphone connector1.3 Rear view of the computer1234USB ports (

Seite 37

4User Guide1.4 Computer stand 20°5°Use the stand to position the display to your preference.It can be adjusted from 5˚forward to 20˚ backward.The sta

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