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Seite 1 - 

L200p 

Seite 2 - Product number

3. Connect the analog signal cable to the D-SUB connector of the monitor and theother end on the back of the computer.Chapter 1. Getting started1-5

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5. Remove the Cable Cover from the back of the stand.1-6L200p Wide Flat Panel Monitor User’s Guide6. Rotate the head of the monitor into portrait


Chapter 1. Getting started1-77. Place the cables through the Main Clip. Then fasten the clip.9. Rotate the Hook.8. Wrap the Cable Wapper around

Seite 5

1-8L200p Wide Flat Panel Monitor User’s Guide11. Power on the monitor and the computer.12. To install the monitor driver, insert the Reference and

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Registering your optionThank you for purchasing this Lenovo™product. Please take a few moments toregister your product and provide us with information

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lenovo.ft t tftftt tt t ft8

Seite 8 - Monitor Pivot

v Use adequate lighting for the type of work you are performing.v Use the monitor brightness, contrast, and image adjustment controls, ifequipped, to

Seite 9 - Cable lock slot

Adjusting your monitor imageThis section describes the user control features used to adjust your monitor image.Using the direct access controlsThe dir

Seite 10 - Chapter 1. Getting started

2-4 Flat Panel Monitor User’s GuideL20094OOSSDD IIccoonn oonn MMaaiinn MMeennuu SSuubbmmeennuu DDeessccrriippttiioonnCCoonnttrroollss aanndd AAd

Seite 11

Chapter 2. Adjusting and using your monitor 2-5 Input signalThis monitor can accept video signals through two different connectors. Most desktop

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4438-HB6© Copyright Lenovo 2008.All rights reserved.© Copyright Lenovo2008.iProduct numberFirst Edition (March 2008)LENOVO products, data, computer so

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The display modes shown below have been optimized at the factory.Understanding power managementPower management is invoked when the computer recognize

Seite 14 - Registering your option

Caring for your monitorBe sure to turn off the power before you perform any maintenance on the monitor.Do not:Apply water or liquid directly to your m

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4438-Hx658420 51680 1050Video input (Analog)Horizontal addressabilityVertical addressabilityClock frequencyAnalog Direct Drive, 75 ohm 0.7 V1680 pix

Seite 16 - Accessibility information

Table 3-1. Monitor specifications for type-model 4434-Hx6 (continued)Humidity OperatingStorageShipping10% to 80%5% to 95%5% to 95%TroubleshootingIf y

Seite 17 - Adjusting your monitor image

Table 3-2. Troubleshooting (continued)Problem Possible cause Suggested action ReferenceScreen is blankand powerindicator issteady amber orflashing gre

Seite 18 - Table 2-2. OSD functions

f thf tManually installing the monitor driverBelow are steps for manually installing the monitor driver in Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft. Windows

Seite 19

To use the Plug and Play feature in Windows XP, files should be loaded from theReference and Driver CD.Note: This section must be completed before cont

Seite 20 - 1680x1050

200pwD 68 10503-6 Flat Panel Monitor User’s GuideL194Installing the monitor driver in Windows 2000To use the Plug and Play feature in Windows 2000,

Seite 21 - Image rotation

Manually installing the Soft OSMBelow are steps for manually installing the Soft OSM.1. Insert Lenovo Monitor CD into the CD drive. The CD menu displa

Seite 22 - 100-240

3-84. It will take several seconds to copy the files to your computer.5. When the View Readme File dialog box appears , click OK.6. Restart your co

Seite 23 - Troubleshooting

8iii1-41-41-91-4Manually installing the Soft OSM3-73-9Safety and Maintenance Guidelinesiv

Seite 24 - Manual image setup

Service informationProduct numbersThe product number for your monitor is located on the side of the display bezel asshown below.Customer responsibilit

Seite 25 - Update Driver

4438-Hx63-10 Flat Panel Monitor User’s GuideL194L200p Wide Flat Panel Monitor User’s Guide43R195043R195143R195243R1953L200p Wide FRU Standand baseL

Seite 27 - Reference and Driver CD

A-2 Flat Panel Monitor User’s GuideL194CCoouunnttrryy oorr RReeggiioonn TTeelleepphhoonnee NNuummbbeerrAfrica Africa: +44 (0)1475-555-055 South Af

Seite 28

Appendix A. Service and Support A-3

Seite 29

A-4 Flat Panel Monitor User’s GuideL194Turkey 00800-4463-2041 (Turkish) United Kingdom Up and running support: 01475-555-055 Warranty support: 0870

Seite 30 - Service and Support

!PPENDIX " .OTICES ¢  ě  ǰ ǰ        ǯ  ¢  

Seite 31 - 4438-Hx6

¢ ę¢ǯ   ¢     Ȭ¢      Ĵ      

Seite 32

3AFETY INFORMATION   ǰ   ¢ ǯ    ǰ   ³ä  ³ǯ0REDIN

Seite 33

Safety and Maintenance Guidelinesiv

Seite 34

Digital Interface CableThis User’s Guide contains detailed information on the ThinkVision™ L200p WideFlat Panel Monitor. For a quick overview, please

Seite 35

1-2L200p Wide Flat Panel Monitor User’s GuideProduct overviewThis section will provide information on adjusting monitor positions, setting usercontrol

Seite 36 - !PPENDIX " .OTICES

User controlsYour monitor has controls on the front which are used to adjust the display.For information on how to use these controls, please see “Adj

Seite 37 - 4RADEMARKS

Setting up your monitorThis section provides information to help you set up your monitor.Connecting and turning on your monitorNote: Be sure to read t

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