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Itona F Series
Choice of Microsoft Windows •
XP Embedded SP3, Windows
Embedded Standard 2009 and
WES7 operating systems
VIA Nano U3300 1.2 GHz •
North Bridge : VIA VX900•
Graphic Processor : Integrated •
Chrome9 HD DX9 3D/2D Graphic &
Video processor
Highly reliable fanless design•
Low power consumption - • Energy
Optional inbuilt speakers•
8 USB ports•
Optional COM3 port•
In-built 10/100/1000 •
32 Bit graphics supports •
VGA: 2048 x 1536, 75Hz
DVI-I : 1920 x 1200, 60Hz
Key Features
Itona F Series
High Performance Desktop Thin Client
The ideal desktop client
Seen and not heard – that’s Itona. That’s
because its fan-less design ensures virtu-
ally silent operation. And, its compact
design and footprint makes it the ideal
desktop solution.
Green Credentials
With an average power consumption of
only 15 watts, the F series is extremely
designed to deliver excellent multimedia capabilities. The new Itona
the F series incorporates the most advanced features including 8 USBs,
powerful VIA Nano processor and supports dual display facilities in
extended and mirror mode. Not only is the F Series an innovative thin
client, it’s also designed with the environment and durability in mind.
The efcient external power supply combined with fan-less design
ensures extremely low power consumption with excellent reliability
and virtually silent operation.
The Itona F Series incorporates an impressive three year warranty
backed by a worldwide support network and represents an unbeatable
About VXL
VXL is one of the world’s largest
suppliers of thin clients. Established
in 1976, VXL has grown steadily
an d n o w emp l oys o ver t h r e e
hundred people worldwide with
ofces in Germany, France, India,
Singapore, the United States and
the United Kingdom. The company’s
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Itona F SeriesChoice of Microsoft Windows • XP Embedded SP3, Windows Embedded Standard 2009 and WES7 operating systemsVIA Nano U3300 1.2

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