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Seite 1 - IdeaCentre Q700 Series

Version 1.1 2009.7User GuideLenovoIdeaCentre Q700 Series3103930631039306_Q700_UG_FM_EN_V1.1.indd1 1 2009.7.3 3:05:02 PM

Seite 2 - Important Safety Information

5User Guide1.4 Connecting your computer Use the following information when connecting your computer.• Look for the small port/socket icons on the bac

Seite 3

6User Guide• If you have an HDMI monitor, your computer must have an adapter installed that supports the HDMI monitor. Connect the cable to the port

Seite 4 - Contents

7User Guide1.4.5 If you have powered speakers with an adapter: (This picture is only a sketch for guidance, it does not necessarily show actual speake

Seite 5

8User Guided. Connect the plug to the power source. Note: Some models are not equipped with external speakers.1.4.7 Connect any additional devices t

Seite 6 - Using the Computer Hardware

9User Guide1.4.8 Connect the power cables properly to earthed electrical outlets.1.4.9 If your computer is equipped with a Memory Card Reader Port, it

Seite 7

10User Guide1.4.10 Keyboard and Mouse, wired (not all models are equipped with a keyboard and mouse).LVT —— Volume down —— Volume up —— MuteLVT ——

Seite 8

11User Guide1.5 Using the Remote Control (not all models are equipped with remote control).The remote control (not shipped with all computer models)

Seite 9

12User GuideButtons on the remote control: Button DescriptionUpDownLeftRightOK ConfirmBackDetailsGuide (this function is not available in Microsoft Win

Seite 10 - 1.4 Connecting your computer

13User GuideStarts Windows Media Center.Adjusts volume up/downPrevious/next channelMuteDVD menuPower supply (standby)0~9Number (and/or Letter) buttons

Seite 11 - User Guide

14User Guide31039306_Q700_UG_EN_V1.1.indd 14 2009.7.3 3:09:58 PM

Seite 12

Important Safety InformationBefore using this manual, it is important that you read and understand all of the related safety information for this prod

Seite 13

12345ChapterUsing the Rescue SystemThis chapter contains the following topics:ÿ Rescue System ÿ Internet application instructions Attention: Using

Seite 14

16User GuideNote about the service partition:The files and relevant data used by the rescue system are saved in the service partition. Deleting this pa

Seite 15

17User Guide Notes: 1. It is recommended that you do not install software which is already on the computer.2. Before accessing the operating system

Seite 16

18User Guide Note: After this operation, all existing data in the system partition will be lost, but other partitions on the disk will remain unchang

Seite 17 - Button Description

19User Guide Note: The drive letter of the source file must be different from the target drive letter. Then click the copy icon.Wait for the copying p

Seite 18

20User Guide2.4 OneKey AntivirusThe OneKey Antivirus software is independent of the operating system. It can run general virus scans and also kill vir

Seite 19

21User Guideupdating virus definitions. Virus definitions can be updated by:• Downloading the latest virus package online.• Obtaining the latest virus

Seite 20 - Using the Rescue System

22User Guidepartitions, not those located on floppy disks, flash disks or CDs. You can install and use anti-virus software in Windows to scan such media

Seite 21 - Computer

12345ChapterUsing the Computer SoftwareThis chapter contains the following topics:ÿ Computer software instructions Note: The interface and functiona

Seite 22 - 2.2 OneKey Recovery

24User Guide Note: The standard product has no installation software for high quality audio and video players nor a plug-in; though some models may c

Seite 23 - 2.3 File Management

31039306_Q700_UG_EN_V1.1.indd 2 2009.7.3 3:09:40 PM

Seite 24 - 2.3.4 Search

25User Guide2. The shortcut to launch the burner software is the block icon on the desktop. To use the burner program, just drag and drop the files to

Seite 25 - 2.4 OneKey Antivirus

26User GuideThe WinDVD player includes the following basic buttons:— Play— Move backwards within the current track— Pause— Move forward within the

Seite 26 - Online Update

27User Guide3.3.2 Scanning for VirusesIn the main Trend Micro Internet Security interface, click the Scan icon to scan the computer. Upon completion,

Seite 27

28User Guide3.4 Media ShowMediaShow is a new and innovative way to view and be creative with your media. MediaShow lets you be as imaginative as you w

Seite 28 - Using the Computer Software

12345ChapterSystem Maintenance and RecoveryThis chapter contains the following topics:ÿ Daily Maintenance and Tools InstructionsUser Guide2931039306_

Seite 29 - 3.1 Power2Go — Burning Discs

30User Guide4.1 Restoring the SystemThe system can develop problems due to erroneous operation or the installation ofadditional software. If software

Seite 30 - 3.2 WinDVD

31User Guide4.4 Checking For and Correcting Disk ErrorsTo properly maintain your system, you should periodically check for and fix harddisk errors by d

Seite 31

32User Guide Note: To avoid damaging the computer or display, do not spray cleaning solution directly onto the display. Only use products specifically

Seite 32 - 3.3.6 Help and Support

12345ChapterTroubleshooting and Confirming SetupThis chapter contains the following topics:ÿ Troubleshooting and Problem Resolution Note: The descri

Seite 33 - 3.4 Media Show

34User GuideSolving ProblemsFollow these tips when you troubleshoot your computer:• If you added or removed a part before the problem started, review

Seite 34 - Recovery

1ContentsContentsImportant Safety InformationChapter 1 Using the Computer Hardware ... 11.1 Front view of the computer chas

Seite 35 - 4.3 Cleaning Up the Disk

35User GuideProblem: Ripple on screenTroubleshooting and problem resolution:1. Check for devices located less than one meter from the computer such a

Seite 36 - 4.5 Defragmenting the Disk(s)

36User GuideProblem: You need to install or uninstall a program.Problem resolution:During installation never abort the install process by powering the

Seite 37

37User GuideProblem: The capacity of the hard disk, as indicated by the system, is less than the nominal capacity.Troubleshooting and problem resoluti

Seite 38

38User Guide• Before you can watch teletext programming, you must set the TV tuner input signal to analog.31039306_Q700_UG_EN_V1.1.indd 38 2009.7.3

Seite 39 - Solving Problems

2ContentsChapter 5 Troubleshooting and Confirming Setup ... 335.1 Troubleshooting Display Problems ...

Seite 40

12345ChapterThis chapter contains the following topics:ÿ Computer hardware introductionÿ Information on computer connections Note: The descriptions

Seite 41 - Hard Disks

2User Guide1.1 Front view of the computer chassis Attention: Ensure that none of the air vents on the computer are blocked. Blocked air vents can lea

Seite 42

3User Guide1.2 Rear view of the computer chassisHDMI port Audio line-out sockets (2)VGA port TV-tuner port (selected models only)eSATA port Audio line

Seite 43

4User Guide1.3 Computer stand instructionThe computer chassis can be placed in a vertical position.PROMMCPROMMC Note: Make sure to install the base s

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