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Seite 2

Connectivityv 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet controllerSystem management featuresv Ability to store the power-on self-test (POST) hardware test resultsv Ad

Seite 3 - User Guide

Operating system(s), certified or tested for compatibility1(varies by model type)v Linux®SpecificationsThis section lists the physical specifications

Seite 4

Software provided by LenovoThe following software programs are provided by Lenovo to help you improveproductivity and reduce the cost associated with

Seite 5 - Contents

Lenovo ThinkVantage ToolboxThe Lenovo ThinkVantage Toolbox program helps you maintain your computer,improve computing security, diagnose computer prob

Seite 6

Locating computer connectors and partsThis section provides information to help you locate your computer connectors andparts.1 Integrated camera (av

Seite 7 - Important safety information

1 Power cord connector 4 Serial port2 Ethernet connector 5 Integrated cable lock slot3 USB connectors (3) 6 Optical driveFigure 2. Rear vi

Seite 8

Adjusting the computer standYour computer comes with a computer stand that you can use to adjust thecomputer to your comfortable position. Pull the st

Seite 9 - Chapter 1. Product overview

Chapter 2. Installing or replacing hardwareThis chapter provides instructions on how to install or replace hardware for yourcomputer.This chapter cont

Seite 10 - 2 User Guide

Replacing the keyboard or mouseAttentionDo not attempt any repair before reading and understanding the “Important safetyinformation” in the ThinkCentr

Seite 11 - Software overview

Integrated cable lockNote: Make sure that any security cables you installed do not interfere with othercomputer cables.An integrated cable lock, somet

Seite 14 - 6 User Guide

Chapter 3. Recovery informationThis chapter provides information about the recovery solutions provided byLenovo.This chapter contains the following to

Seite 15 - Figure 2. Rear view

v To create Product Recovery discs on the Windows XP operating system, clickStart → All Programs → ThinkVantage → Create Recovery Media. Then, followt

Seite 16 - Adjusting the computer stand

Performing backup and recovery operationsNote: The information in this section applies only to machine types 0401, 0994,and 2565, which have the Rescu

Seite 17 - Installing external options

Performing a recovery operationThis section provides instructions on how to perform a recovery operation usingthe Rescue and Recovery program on diffe

Seite 18 - Basic security features

Windows operating system, you can restore the factory default settings even ifyou cannot start the Windows operating system.Attention: If you restore

Seite 19 - Password protection

Creating a rescue mediumThis section provides instructions on how to create a rescue medium on differentoperating systems.v To create a rescue medium

Seite 20 - 12 User Guide

v If you have created a rescue medium using the secondary internal hard diskdrive, set the secondary internal hard disk drive as the first boot device

Seite 21 - Creating recovery media

v Use a rescue medium to start the Rescue and Recovery workspace. See “Creatingand using a rescue medium” on page 17.v Use recovery media if all other

Seite 22 - Using recovery media

Chapter 4. Using the Setup Utility programYou can use the Setup Utility program to view and change the configurationsettings of your computer, regardl

Seite 24 - 16 User Guide

Password considerationsA password can be any combination of up to 16 (1 to 16) alphabetic and numericcharacters. For security reasons, it is recommend

Seite 25

Enabling or disabling a deviceThis section provides instructions on how to enable or disable user access to adevice.USB Setup Use this option to set u

Seite 26 - Using a rescue medium

Note: Selecting a startup device on the Startup Device Menu does notpermanently change the startup device sequence.Viewing or changing the startup dev

Seite 27 - Solving recovery problems

Chapter 5. Updating system programsThis chapter provides information about updating the POST and BIOS, and how torecover from a POST and BIOS update f

Seite 28 - 20 User Guide

4. When prompted to change the serial number, it is suggested that you press N.However, if you do want to change the serial number, press Y, then type

Seite 29 - Using passwords

Chapter 6. Troubleshooting and diagnostic programsThis chapter provides information about some basic troubleshooting and diagnosticprograms. If your c

Seite 30 - Administrator password

Symptom ActionThe wireless keyboard or mousedoes not work.Verify that:v The computer is turned on.v The battery or batteries installed in the wireless

Seite 31 - Selecting a startup device

To run the Lenovo ThinkVantage Toolbox program, click Start → All Programs →Lenovo ThinkVantage Tools → System Health and Diagnostics. Follow theinstr

Seite 32 - 24 User Guide

diagnostic program runs independently of the Windows operating system. Use thePC-Doctor for DOS diagnostic program if you are unable to start the Wind

Seite 33 - Using system programs

6. Turn your computer back on.Non-optical mouseThe following illustration shows the components of a non-optical mouse.Note: The illustration might be

Seite 34 - 26 User Guide

NoteBefore using this information and the product it supports, be sure to read and understand the ThinkCentre Safety andWarranty Guide and “Notices,”

Seite 35 - Basic troubleshooting

8. If the rollers are dirty, clean them by using a cotton swab soaked in isopropyl(rubbing) alcohol. Turn the rollers with your finger and continue sw

Seite 36 - Diagnostic programs

Chapter 7. Getting information, help, and serviceThis chapter provides information about help, service, and technical assistance forLenovo products.Th

Seite 37 - PC-Doctor for DOS

v System UpdateTo access the Lenovo ThinkVantage Tools program, click Start → All Programs →Lenovo ThinkVantage Tools.ThinkVantage Productivity Center

Seite 38 - Optical mouse

Lenovo Web site (http://www.lenovo.com)The Lenovo Web site provides up-to-date information and services to help youbuy, upgrade, and maintain your com

Seite 39 - Non-optical mouse

The following items are not covered by the warranty:v Replacement or use of parts not manufactured for or by Lenovo ornon-warranted Lenovo partsv Iden

Seite 40 - 32 User Guide

Purchasing additional servicesDuring and after the warranty period, you can purchase additional services, suchas support for hardware, operating syste

Seite 42 - Safety and warranty

Appendix. NoticesLenovo may not offer the products, services, or features discussed in thisdocument in all countries. Consult your local Lenovo repres

Seite 43 - Calling for service

vary significantly. Some measurements may have been made on development-levelsystems and there is no guarantee that these measurements will be the sam

Seite 44 - Using other services

IndexAa rescue medium, creating and using 17Access Help 34administrator password 22antivirus software 5audio subsystem 1Bbackup and recovery operation

Seite 45

ContentsImportant safety information ...vChapter 1. Product overview ...1Features ...1Specifications ...3Software overvi

Seite 46 - 38 User Guide

Ppasswordconsiderations 22setting, changing, deleting 22password protection 11PC-Doctor for Rescue and Recovery 29physical specifications 3power suppl

Seite 48 - Trademarks

Part Number: 89Y1200Printed in USA(1P) P/N: 89Y1200

Seite 49

iv User Guide

Seite 50 - 42 User Guide

Important safety informationCAUTION:Before using this manual, be sure to read and understand all the related safetyinformation for this product. Refer

Seite 51

vi User Guide

Seite 52 - (1P) P/N: 89Y1200

Chapter 1. Product overviewThis chapter provides information about the computer features, specifications,preinstalled software programs, connector and

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