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Seite 1 - IdeaTab S2109A-F

IdeaTab S2109A-FUser Guide

Seite 2

Chapter 2: The Basics7Shortcut menuThe shortcut menu allows you to easily access an application from the Home screen. To open an application, tap an i

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Chapter 2: The Basics8Using widgetsSave time with live updates right on the Home screen and get all your personalized updates in one place. You may ad

Seite 4 - Chapter 1: Getting Started

Chapter 2: The Basics9ApplicationsTap to view applications and device settings.Setting wallpaperYou can customize the wallpaper of your Home screen

Seite 5 - 1.2 Installing Memory Card

Chapter 2: The Basics104. Drag your finger to select the crop area. 5. Tap CROP to set the cropped photo as wallpaper.Set wallpaper from Live Wallpape

Seite 6 - 1.3 Charging the Battery

Chapter 2: The Basics114. Tap Set wallpaper to set the desired wallpaper as the Home screen wallpaper.2.2 Adjusting VolumeThis device features three t

Seite 7 - 1.5 Unlocking the Screen

Chapter 2: The Basics122.3 Setting up Wi-FiThis device only supports Wi-Fi connections to access the Internet. You need to connect to a wireless netwo

Seite 8 - Chapter 2: The Basics

Chapter 2: The Basics134. When connecting to a secured network, you will be prompted for the password. Enter the password, then tap Connect.When Wi-Fi

Seite 9 - Status Bar Icons

Chapter 2: The Basics14To view Wi-Fi settings1. From the Home screen, tap > Settings.2. In Wi-Fi networks, tap > Advanced.Network informatio

Seite 10 - Shortcut menu

Chapter 2: The Basics152.4 PeoplePeople lets you store names, phone numbers, email addresses, and other information. You can also add frequently used

Seite 11 - Using widgets

Chapter 2: The Basics16Importing contactsYou can import contacts from the memory card to your device.1. From the Home screen, tap > People.2. Tap

Seite 12 - Setting wallpaper

Table of ContentsiChapter 1: Getting Started... 11.1 Your Device...

Seite 13

Chapter 2: The Basics17Favorite contactsAdd the most frequently called contacts to the FAVORITES list to help you access contacts quickly and easily.A

Seite 14 - 2.2 Adjusting Volume

Chapter 3: Email18Chapter 3: EmailUse Email to send and receive email messages via your internet email accounts.3.1 Email AccountsYour device can send

Seite 15 - 2.3 Setting up Wi-Fi

Chapter 3: Email19Viewing email accounts1. From the Home screen, tap > Email.2. Tap the account selection box at the top left of the screen.3. Ta

Seite 16

Chapter 4: Using Internet20Chapter 4: Using Internet4.1 Browsing Web Pages1. From the Home screen, tap > Browser.2. Tap the address bar. 3. Type

Seite 17

Chapter 4: Using Internet21Managing web pagesWhile viewing a web page, tap to configure the browser settings:• General: Select to set home page, and

Seite 18 - 2.4 People

Chapter 5: Using Bluetooth22Chapter 5: Using BluetoothTo turn Bluetooth on1. From the Home screen, tap > Settings.2. In WIRELESS & NETWORKS,

Seite 19 - Importing contacts

Chapter 6: Multimedia Applications23Chapter 6: Multimedia Applications6.1 Photos and VideosThis device is equipped with a front camera to take photos

Seite 20 - Favorite contacts

Chapter 6: Multimedia Applications24Recording a video1. From the Home screen, tap > Camera.2. Tap to switch to Camcorder mode.3. Aim the device

Seite 21 - Chapter 3: Email

Chapter 6: Multimedia Applications25Reviewing a videoAfter recording a video, tap the window located at top right corner to preview the latest recorde

Seite 22 - Customizing email settings

Chapter 6: Multimedia Applications26Tap to view and adjust the general settings of your camera: NOTE: To exit the menu mode, tap .Mode Setting Availa

Seite 23 - Chapter 4: Using Internet

Table of Contentsii6.2 Viewing Photos & Videos ... 27Viewing photos...

Seite 24 - Managing web pages

Chapter 6: Multimedia Applications276.2 Viewing Photos & VideosViewing photos1. From the Home screen, tap > Gallery.2. Tap the desired folder

Seite 25 - Chapter 5: Using Bluetooth

Chapter 6: Multimedia Applications28Playing videos1. From the Home screen, tap > Gallery.2. Tap the desired folder to view the videos in thumbnai

Seite 26 - Multimedia Applications

Chapter 6: Multimedia Applications296.3 Using Music PlayerYou can transfer music to the device from the computer. From the Home screen, tap > Musi

Seite 27 - Reviewing a photo

Chapter 7: Applications30Chapter 7: ApplicationsYour device comes with the following pre-installed applications.7.1 BooksWith Books, you can download

Seite 28 - Configuring camera settings

Chapter 7: Applications317.2 BrowserOpen Browser to view web pages. See “Browsing Web Pages” on page 20.7.3 CalculatorWith Calculator, you can perform

Seite 29

Chapter 7: Applications327.4 CalendarThe Calendar lets you schedule and sound alarms for appointments, meetings and other events. Scheduled appointmen

Seite 30 - Viewing photos

Chapter 7: Applications337.6 DownloadsUse Downloads to view or delete what you have downloaded in Browser. NOTE: The downloaded files are stored in th

Seite 31 - Playing videos

Chapter 7: Applications347.7 File BrowserFile Browser lets you browse the contents of your device and the memory card. 1. From the Home screen, tap

Seite 32 - 6.3 Using Music Player

Chapter 7: Applications357.8 FM RadioFM Radio lets you listen to the FM radio.NOTE: You must connect a headset or earphones to use this function.1. Fr

Seite 33 - Chapter 7: Applications

Chapter 7: Applications367.9 GalleryYou can view your captured images, recorded video clips, and downloaded images in Gallery.1. From the Home screen,

Seite 34 - 7.3 Calculator

Chapter 1: Getting Started1Chapter 1: Getting Started1.1 Your DeviceFrontBackTouch screenCameraLight sensorPower buttonSpeakersSpeakers

Seite 35 - 7.5 Clock

Chapter 7: Applications377.11 SearchFrom the Home Screen, you can search information on your device and on the web with Search right away.Searching in

Seite 36 - 7.6 Downloads

Chapter 7: Applications387.13 Voice NoteUse Voice Note to record a voice memo. To record a voice note1. From the Home screen, tap > Voice Note.2.

Seite 37 - 7.7 File Browser

Chapter 8: Managing Your Device39Chapter 8: Managing Your Device8.1 Device SettingsFrom the Home screen, tap > Settings to view and adjust the se

Seite 38 - 7.8 FM Radio

Chapter 8: Managing Your Device40PERSONALDisplayBrightness Adjust the brightness of the screen.Wallpaper Customize the device wallpaper.Auto-rotate sc

Seite 39 - 7.10 Places

Chapter 8: Managing Your Device41SYSTEMLanguage & inputLanguageSet the on-screen display language for your device.Spelling correction Enable/disab

Seite 40 - 7.12 Settings

Chapter 8: Managing Your Device42AccessibilityTalkBackEnable/disable TalkBack function and customize its settings.Large text Change to a larger font s

Seite 41 - 7.13 Voice Note

Chapter 8: Managing Your Device43Developer options Show all ANRsShow all applications which are not responding to background applications. About table

Seite 42 - Chapter 8: Managing Your

Chapter 8: Managing Your Device448.2 Changing Basic SettingsDate and time settingsTo automatically set the date and time1. From the Home screen, tap

Seite 43 - PERSONAL

Chapter 8: Managing Your Device45Alarms settingsYou can set up alarms on this device.To set the alarm1. From the Home screen, tap > Clock.2. Tap

Seite 44

Chapter 8: Managing Your Device46To adjust brightness1. From the Home screen, tap > Settings.2. In DEVICE, tap Display.3. Tap Brightness.4. Drag

Seite 45

Chapter 1: Getting Started2TopSide1.2 Installing Memory CardYou need a microSD® card to store photos, music, videos, and other data.To install the mem

Seite 46

Chapter 8: Managing Your Device478.3 Using Wireless & networksWireless & networks allows you to manage Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Tethering, and Virtua

Seite 47 - 8.2 Changing Basic Settings

Safety Information48Safety InformationPlease read before proceeding• Following all precautions and instructions will increase the life of device.• Use

Seite 48 - Display settings

Safety Information49SAFETY IN AIRCRAFTDo not use the device on board an aircraft. The device’s network signals may cause interference to the navigatio

Seite 49 - Ringtone settings

Safety Information50FCC RegulationsThis device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This

Seite 50 - 8.5 Resetting the Device

Safety Information51IC RegulationsThis device complies with Industry Canada license-exempt RSS standard(s). Operation is subject to the following two

Seite 51 - Safety Information

Safety Information52WEEE NoticeThe WEEE logo on the product or on its box indicates that this product must not be disposed of or dumped with your othe

Seite 52

Safety Information53We, hereby, declare that this cellular, Wi-Fi, & Bluetooth radio is in compliance with the essential requirements and other re

Seite 53

Chapter 1: Getting Started31.3 Charging the BatteryThe battery is only partially charged. To fully charge the battery, charge it for 5 hours.Charge th

Seite 54

Chapter 1: Getting Started42. A pop-up window will then appear, tap OK to confirm.To put your device in Sleep modeTo put your device in Sleep mode, p

Seite 55

Chapter 2: The Basics5Chapter 2: The Basics2.1 Home ScreenFrom the Home screen, you can quickly access common features and view notifications of recei

Seite 56

Chapter 2: The Basics6Status Bar IconsStatus bar icons indicate different types of information.The icons on the status bar indicate the following info

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