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Seite 1 - User Guide

ix2 Network Storagewith LifeLine 4.0 User Guide

Seite 3 - CONTENTS

Sharing Media Content over the InternetThere are two methods for sharing media content on your ix2 with anyone on the internet. You can enable intern

Seite 4

Media AggregationIf you have multiple Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) servers in your network that have media content, you can combine all medi

Seite 5 - Drive Management 42

Social Media SharingYou can share media content, such as movies and pictures, using social media sites like Facebook, Flickr, or YouTube. Refer to the

Seite 6 - World 67

Streaming Music, Movies, and PicturesThe Media Server supports playback of videos, music and pictures from any UPnP AV (Universal Plug and Play Audio

Seite 7 - Media Management 87

PhotosPhotos OverviewYour ix2 has multiple ways to manage your pictures.Your ix2 can:● Stream pictures that are in Shares with media sharing enabled●

Seite 8 - Hardware Management 113

4. Select Photo Resize from the drop-down menu.5. You can set a size for your pictures. Select 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, or enter a Custom Resolut

Seite 9 - Legal 125

MusicMusic OverviewIf you have music files in media-sharing enabled folders on your ix2, those music files can be streamed by a DLNA player running on

Seite 10

TorrentsTorrent OverviewTorrent downloads allow you to share files using a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol. With torrent download enabled, you can

Seite 11 - CHAPTER 1

● Device IP Address192.168.1.1● Port nameHTTP● Port numberSet to the same port value set on the Torrent Download page.● ProtocolTCPTorrent Active Fold

Seite 12 - Setup Overview

● Delete a torrent job. Click to delete the torrent download.Media ManagementTorrents 99

Seite 13

Setting up Your ix2 Network StorageSetting up Your ix2 Network Storage 1CHAPTER 1

Seite 14 - Setup Page

VideosVideo Capabilities OverviewYour ix2 Network Storage has multiple ways to manage your videos.Your ix2 can:● Stream movies that are in Shares with

Seite 15 - Network Connection

NameThis section displays the video camera's IP address, name, login username, and the destination folder for the video recording files. Addition

Seite 16 - Connecting the ix2

Manually Adding a Video CameraFollow the instructions below to add your video camera, set a retention policy for your saved recordings, and schedule y

Seite 17 - Connecting

Click Apply to save your changes.If you select Maximum days to save recordings, enter a value in days. If you select Maximum space for recordings, ent

Seite 18 - Setting up Active Directory

Adding Applications to Your ix2 Network StorageAdding Applications to Your ix2 Network Storage 104CHAPTER 10

Seite 19 - Directory

Application OverviewYou can install supported applications on your ix2 using the Application Manager page. For each application installed you may have

Seite 20

Application Installation Certain applications on your ix2 must be installed before you can use them. When you click on an uninstalled application in t

Seite 21

Application ManagerThe Application Manager page allows you to add applications to your ix2 from an installation file located on your computer. For eac

Seite 22 - Non-Administrator User Log In

Upgrading Your ix2 Network StorageUpgrading Your ix2 Network Storage 108CHAPTER 11

Seite 23

Software UpdatesThe Software Updates page identifies the ix2 software status and provides the ability to update the software for the ix2.Auto-update p

Seite 24 - ● WARNING

Setup OverviewSetup with your ix2 Network Storage is easy. Remove it from the box, connect it to your network switch or hub, and then power it up. Lau

Seite 25 - Device Information

being accessed.Upgrading Your ix2 Network StorageSoftware Updates 110

Seite 26

Backing up and Recovering Your ix2 Network Storage SettingsBacking up and Recovering Your ix2 Network Storage Settings 111CHAPTER 12

Seite 27

Backing Up Your ix2 Network Storage Settings The Configuration Backup and Restore page allows you to back up and restore system configuration informat

Seite 28 - Printing Documents

Hardware ManagementHardware Management 113CHAPTER 13

Seite 29

About the ix2 Network Storage ComponentsThis topic describes the front and rear panel components of the ix2.Front Panel1. Power/Status Indicator — Dis

Seite 30 - CHAPTER 2

Rear Panel1. Security Lock — Connect a security cable to prevent theft.2. Power Button — Use the power button to power the ix2 on and off.3. USB Conne

Seite 31 - Sharing Overview

Energy SavingThe Energy Saving page provides power settings for the ix2.Power Down DrivesClick the Power Down Drives drop-down menu to select how much

Seite 32 - Adding Shares

Factory ResetFactory Reset returns the ix2 to its original state. This feature is useful if you give your ix2 to someone else.Factory Reset provides t

Seite 33 - Managing Shares

UPS ManagementThe LenovoEMC UPS Management page allows you to monitor the status of an attached Uninterruptible Power Supply.If your ix2 is connected

Seite 34 - Deleting Shares

Troubleshooting RoutersIf you encounter a problem while connecting or using your ix2, check the topics listed below for possible solutions.If you have

Seite 35 - Bluetooth File Sharing

Set up my ix2 Network Storage if it's not discoveredIf your ix2 is not discovered when you enter the URL identified in your Quick Start Guide, y

Seite 36 - NFS File Sharing

Configuring Port Forwarding on Double NAT NetworksIf for some reason the network configuration cannot be changed and your setup requires the double NA

Seite 37 - Configuring SNMP settings

2. Refer to your router's documentation for more information on configuring DHCP settings.3. Navigate to the IP address settings interface page

Seite 38 - SNMP MIB File for the ix2

Additional SupportAdditional Support122

Seite 39 - Windows File Sharing

How to Get HelpLenovoEMC is committed to providing excellent customer support. To meet this goal, Lenovo Customer Support offers a variety of support

Seite 40 - Adding a Custom Home Page

SupportThe Support feature opens the LenovoEMC web site where you can get more information about your ix2. The Support page provides access to content

Seite 41


Seite 42

Safety InformationObserve the following guidelines when using your ix2 Network Storage:● Follow all instructions marked on the ix2 and in the document

Seite 43

Open SourceThe software included in this product contains copyrighted software that is licensed under open source agreements. Components of this softw

Seite 44 - Managing Your Content

Warranty InformationLimited Warranty NoticeLenovo Network Storage products are covered by the terms of the Lenovo Limited Warranty, version L505-0010-

Seite 45 - Storage with Copy Jobs

Regulatory InformationThis topic provides regulatory information for various countries.Manufacturer/Responsible PartyLenovoEMC, Ltd., 4059 South 1900

Seite 46

Setup PageThe Setup page opens when you first access the ix2 Network Storage from the Home Page or the LenovoEMC Storage Manager. On this page, you ca

Seite 47 - CHAPTER 3

European Union - Compliance to the Electromagnetic Compatibility DirectiveThis product is in conformity with the protection requirements of EU Council

Seite 48 - 38 iSCSI Overview

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Cable and Cord NoticeWARNING: Handling the cord on this product or cords associated with accessories sold with this product w

Seite 49 - Adding iSCSI Drives

Copyright and Trademark Information © 2013 LenovoEMC, Ltd. All rights reserved. Lenovo and the Lenovo logo are registered trademarks of Lenovo in the

Seite 50 - Managing iSCSI Drives

Network ConnectionConnecting the ix2 Network Storage to Your NetworkFirst, check the package contents.Verify that the box contains the following items

Seite 51 - Deleting iSCSI Drives

Connecting the ix2Initial SetupIf you have purchased more than one ix2, complete all steps on one device before setting up additional devices.

Seite 52 - CHAPTER 4

Jumbo frame support should only be enabled if you are sure your network is jumbo-frame compatible and all network devices have been configured to supp

Seite 53 - Managing Drives

Naming Your ix2 Network StorageYou can provide a meaningful name for your ix2 using the Device Identification page. This page in the ix2 Management Co

Seite 54 - Drive Status

Configuring Your ix2 Network Storage to Use Active DirectoryIf you have an existing Active Directory user organization, you can incorporate it into th

Seite 55 - CHAPTER 5

© 2013 LenovoEMC, Ltd. All rights reserved. Lenovo and the Lenovo logo are registered trademarks of Lenovo in the United States, other countries, or

Seite 56 - Backup and Restore Overview

Enabling Active Directory Trusted DomainsBy enabling Active Directory trusted domains on your ix2, you enable the importing of users and groups from o

Seite 57 - Copy Jobs Overview

Customizing the Access to Features on Your ix2 Network StorageAn administrator user can customize the look of the ix2 Management Console using Feature

Seite 58 - Copy Jobs

Non-Administrator User Log InNon-administrator users can log in to a ix2 with feature access enabled. When these non-admin users access a ix2, they fi

Seite 59 - Adding Copy Jobs

Obtaining Alerts About Your ix2 Network StorageYou can configure your ix2 to send email alerts when problems are detected. This is done through the em

Seite 60 - Setting a Schedule

Tracing Events on Your ix2 Network StorageThe Event Log page displays only the 1000 most recent events logged to the ix2. A complete event log, howeve

Seite 61 - Backing up with Mozy Backup

Obtaining System Status for Your ix2 Network StorageThe System Status page displays space usage information and status information about your ix2 Netw

Seite 62

Using Your ix2 Network Storage in Various Time ZonesYou can set the date and time used on your ix2, so that it can appear to be in one time zone, when

Seite 63 - Backing up with Amazon S3

Setting the Display Language for Your ix2 Network StorageYou can set the display language for your ix2 through the Languages page.The Languages page a

Seite 64 - CHAPTER 6

Printing DocumentsPrinting documents from your ix2 Network Storage is simple after you have attached a compatible printer to the ix2. The Printers pag

Seite 65

Setting up Personal Cloud, Security, and File SharingAfter you have configured some basic features of your ix2 Network Storage, you may also want to s

Seite 66 - Disabling Security

CONTENTSSetting up Your ix2 Network Storage 1Setup Overview 2Set up my ix2 Network Storage if it's not discovered 3Discovering with LenovoEMC Sto

Seite 67

Sharing FilesSharing Files 20CHAPTER 2

Seite 68 - Adding Users

Sharing OverviewYour ix2 Network Storage is set up for storing, retrieving, and accessing files among users, client computers, and applications.File s

Seite 69 - Managing Users

SharesWhat are Shares and How Do I Organize Content with Them?Shares are folders that contain all types of content, including documents, pictures, and

Seite 70 - Deleting Users

Managing SharesYou can change Share information, change access permissions, make a Share an Active Folder, use Share volumes, and modify a Share volum

Seite 71 - Managing Groups

Enabling NFS Secured Access 1. To enable NFS, first click the switch on from the Protocols page. 2. On the Shares page, select a secure Share and ex

Seite 72 - Deleting Groups

Using Protocols to Share FilesWhat Are Protocols and How Do I Use Them to Share Files?Your ix2 Network Storage uses communication protocols to mount f

Seite 73 - Changing Access Permissions

To change any Bluetooth settings, click .FTP File SharingOn the Protocols page, click the switch to turn on FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and allow ac

Seite 74 - Setting Quotas

Access to Shares through NFS and User PermissionsWhen you access your ix2 through NFS, the access permissions to content on the ix2 are controlled by

Seite 75 - Directory Users

3. Confirm your password.4. Enter the IP address of the host in the Trap Receivers text box. To grant access to multiple receivers, list all of them

Seite 76

"webdav" to access your device. Your ix2 has a remote access password only if the device is not secured and a Personal Cloud was created on

Seite 77 - CHAPTER 7

Shares 22What are Shares and How Do I Organize Content with Them? 22Adding Shares 22Managing Shares 23Deleting Shares 24Using Protocols to Share Files

Seite 78

Sharing Content through the Home PageSharing Your Content with the WorldWhen you set up the Home Page of your ix2 Network Storage, you are presenting

Seite 79 - Is My Content Secure?

4. Specify the destination Share where the start page and your html content exists on your ix2 by clicking and navigating to the Share.You cannot a

Seite 80

Automatically Sending Content to Multiple People at OnceYou can send content to multiple people at once using an email distribution active folder. You

Seite 81

Sharing Content Using Social Media: OverviewIf you have an account with social media services such as Facebook, Flickr, or YouTube, you can share cont

Seite 82 - Router Port Forwarding

Managing Your ContentYou manage content on your ix2 Network Storage using the Content Viewer. The Content Viewer is a graphical file browser that lets

Seite 83

Transferring Content to and from Your ix2 Network Storage with Copy JobsYou can transfer content to and from your ix2 using the Copy Jobs feature. Cop

Seite 84

Getting Content from a USB External Storage DeviceYou can transfer content to your ix2 Network Storage from external USB storage devices. The External

Seite 85

iSCSI: Creating IP-Based Storage Area Networks (SAN)iSCSI: Creating IP-Based Storage Area Networks (SAN) 37CHAPTER 3

Seite 86 - Deleting Trusted Devices

iSCSI OverviewThe iSCSI page allows you to create iSCSI drives on your ix2 Network Storage and allows the LenovoEMC Storage Manager to communicate wit

Seite 87

Adding iSCSI DrivesTo add an iSCSI drive:1. From the ix2 Management Console, click iSCSI.2. When the iSCSI page opens, click the switch to enable th

Seite 88

Deleting iSCSI Drives 41Drive Management 42Managing Drives 43Setting Write Caching 43Applying Global Drive Management Settings 43Drive Status 44Backin

Seite 89

Managing iSCSI DrivesAdding CHAP User Access to an iSCSI Drive After you add an iSCSI drive, you create a list of CHAP users that have access to an iS

Seite 90

Deleting iSCSI DrivesTo delete an iSCSI drive:1. From the ix2 Management Console, click iSCSI.2. Click the iSCSI name to expand the iSCSI drive.3.

Seite 91 - CHAPTER 8

Drive ManagementDrive Management 42CHAPTER 4

Seite 92

Managing DrivesThe Drive Management page shows drive model and size information.The Drive Management page provides settings for managing storage and l

Seite 93 - Facebook

Drive StatusAn image on the Drive Management page provides information on the drive status of your ix2. The image displays the physical layout of driv

Seite 94 - 84 Flickr

Backing up and Restoring Your ContentBacking up and Restoring Your Content 45CHAPTER 5

Seite 95 - YouTube 85

Backup and Restore OverviewYour ix2 Network Storage provides many ways to back up and restore content.To back up content to and restore content from y

Seite 96

Backing up to and Restoring from Your ix2 Network StorageBacking up Macs with Time MachineYou can use Time Machine to back up a Mac client computer to

Seite 97 - CHAPTER 9

Backing up Your ix2 Network StorageCopy JobsTransferring Content to and from Your ix2 Network Storage with Copy JobsYou can transfer content to and fr

Seite 98 - Media Management Overview

Adding Copy Jobs 1. On the Copy Jobs page, click . A Copy Job is added to the top of the list and the Information section displays. 2. Enter a name

Seite 99

Groups 61Groups Overview 61Adding Groups 61Managing Groups 61Deleting Groups 62Using Active Directory Domain to Manage Users and Groups 63Active Direc

Seite 100 - Media Management

● Only the contents of the selected folder — copies the contents of the selected folder; not the folder itself. If the destination is a folder, the fi

Seite 101 - Media Aggregation

Managing Copy JobsFrom the Copy Jobs page, you can add, start, stop, delete, or monitor Copy Jobs.After you have added Copy Jobs, the Copy Jobs page d

Seite 102 - Social Media Sharing

8. In the Mozy Backup Settings dialog box, select one of the following:● Automatic Backup — to generate an automatic backup anytime you add a new fil

Seite 103 - Example: Setting up Xbox 360

● Server Address — the Avamar server IP address or hostname.● Client Domain — the registered domain name from the Avamar server.Backing up with Amazon

Seite 104 - Streaming Pictures

Securing Your ix2 Network Storage and ContentsSecuring Your ix2 Network Storage and Contents 54CHAPTER 6

Seite 105 - Photos 95

What Is Security and Do I Need It?Security is an optional feature you can enable on your ix2 Network Storage to secure Shares, create users, and allow

Seite 106 - Streaming Music

Enabling Security and Creating an Administrator UserWith security turned on, only administrator users can view or change settings on the ix2, includin

Seite 107 - Torrents

Limiting Access to Your Content by Creating UsersWhen you create users, you are selecting the specific people that have access to your ix2 Network Sto

Seite 108 - Torrent Active Folders

UsersUsers and Groups OverviewWhen security is enabled, the Users & Groups page displays all users and groups on the ix2 Network Storage and enabl

Seite 109 - Torrents 99

invitation by entering a user's email address along with any additional comments. A user then receives the invitation, which contains the Persona

Seite 110 - Video Surveillance

Flickr 84YouTube 85Share Content through LenovoEMC Personal Cloud 86Media Management 87Media Management Overview 88Scanning for media content 88Media

Seite 111 - Adding a Video Camera

● Quota Size — set a quota size by entering a value in gigabytes. To have no quota, leave this field blank.● Administrator — check this box if you wou

Seite 112 - Managing Video Cameras

GroupsGroups OverviewGroups consist of one or more users, and administrators can grant each group rights to Shares on the ix2 Network Storage. Users c

Seite 113 - Deleting Video Cameras

Removing a User from the Group 1. Open a group to display users belonging to it. 2. To remove a user from the group, click the next to that user. W

Seite 114 - CHAPTER 10

Using Active Directory Domain to Manage Users and GroupsActive Directory Users and Groups OverviewOn the Users and Groups page, administrator users ca

Seite 115 - Application Overview

1. To add permissions to a Share, click Add access permissions. 2. From the Add Access Permissions pop-up window, select a Share or Shares for the

Seite 116 - Application Installation

Managing Your ix2 Network Storage with Local and Active Directory UsersManaging Your ix2 Network Storage with Local and Active Directory Users You can

Seite 117 - Application Manager

Creating Share Permissions for AD Users and Local UsersYou can create access permissions for both AD and local users on any new or existing Shares on

Seite 118 - CHAPTER 11

Personal Cloud: Accessing Your LenovoEMC Personal Cloud From Anywhere in the WorldPersonal Cloud: Accessing Your LenovoEMC Personal Cloud From Anywher

Seite 119 - Software Updates

What Is LenovoEMC Personal Cloud ?LenovoEMC Personal Cloud turns your ix2 Network Storage into a hub for sharing files and backing up data among compu

Seite 120 - Software Updates 110

Is My Content Secure?Your content is always secure using LenovoEMC Personal Cloud. If you create a Personal Cloud with security disabled, you are requ

Seite 121 - CHAPTER 12

Name 101Space 101Model 101Action 101Adding Applications to Your ix2 Network Storage 104Application Overview 105Application Installation 106Application

Seite 122

LenovoEMC Personal Cloud Setup OverviewYou can create LenovoEMC Personal Cloud in one of two ways:● Follow the LenovoEMC Personal Cloud setup through

Seite 123 - CHAPTER 13

Creating LenovoEMC Personal CloudBefore you can work with your LenovoEMC Personal Cloud, you first create a Personal Cloud and configure the settings.

Seite 124 - Front Panel

Configuring Router Port Forwarding for Personal CloudIn most cases, your ix2 Network Storage attempts to automatically configure your router. However,

Seite 125 - Rear Panel

Configuring Your LenovoEMC Personal CloudAs a LenovoEMC Personal Cloud administrator, you can manage various settings on your Personal Cloud to ensure

Seite 126 - Energy Saving

Inviting People onto Your LenovoEMC Personal CloudWhen you invite people to join your LenovoEMC Personal Cloud, you are actually selecting from existi

Seite 127 - Factory Reset

Joining a Trusted Device to LenovoEMC Personal CloudYou can join your ix2 Network Storage to the Personal Cloud as a trusted device if you have been g

Seite 128 - UPS Management

Managing Trusted Devices on a Personal CloudAs LenovoEMC Personal Cloudadministrator, you can manage trusted devices on your Personal Cloud. Trusted d

Seite 129 - Troubleshooting Routers

Using Copy Jobs with a LenovoEMC Personal CloudYou can create Copy Jobs that can transfer data from one trusted device to another through the Personal

Seite 130 - Bridging the Primary Router

Disabling or Deleting Your LenovoEMC Personal CloudWhen you disable your Personal Cloud, you are eliminating access to your Personal Cloud without del

Seite 131 - Troubleshooting Routers 121

Accessing Content Using Your LenovoEMC Personal CloudYou can share content by inviting users to your Personal Cloud. The data in Shares can be made ac

Seite 132 - Additional Support

Additional Support 122How to Get Help 123Support 124Legal 125Safety Information 126Open Source 127Warranty Information 128Limited Warranty Notice 128L

Seite 133 - How to Get Help

Informing Users What to Do with LenovoEMC Personal CloudPersonal Cloud enables users to access your ix2 from the web. They can enter myCloudName.mylen

Seite 134 - Support 124

Sharing Content Using Social MediaSharing Content Using Social Media 81CHAPTER 8

Seite 135

Sharing Content Using Social Media: OverviewIf you have an account with social media services such as Facebook, Flickr, or YouTube, you can share cont

Seite 136 - Safety Information

FacebookFacebook is a social network to connect with friends and family. You can configure a Share as a Facebook Active Folder so that photos and movi

Seite 137 - Open Source

FlickrFlickr is a photo sharing network for sharing photos with friends and family. You can configure a Share as a Flickr Active Folder so that images

Seite 138 - Warranty Information

YouTubeYouTube is a social media site to share video content. You can configure a Share as a YouTube Active Folder so that videos added to that Share

Seite 139 - Regulatory Information

Share Content through LenovoEMC Personal CloudYou can share your multimedia content with friends and family through a LenovoEMC Personal Cloud. Refer

Seite 140 - India RoHS

Media ManagementMedia Management 87CHAPTER 9

Seite 141 - Export classification notice

Media Management OverviewThe ix2 has a built-in media server that, when turned on, scans for media content in specific Shares that have media sharing

Seite 142

Media Services Capabilities and LimitationsOne important consideration when using the media server is that it can share media content on your ix2 with

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