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Lenovo C500 Projector User’s Guid e

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Always connect power cords and signal cables in the correct order and ensure that all power cord connectors are securely and compl

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of a battery short circuit, which could shorten the life of the battery and can also pose a safety hazard. Do not let rechargeab

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x Lenovo C500 Projector User’s Guide

Seite 5 - Contents

Registering your option Thank you for purchasing this Lenovo™ product. Please take a few moments to register your product and provide

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xii Lenovo C500 Projector User’s Guide

Seite 7 - Safety information

Chapter 1. Product description The Lenovo C500 projector can be used for both business presentations and home entertainment and is e

Seite 8

Packing checklist In addition to this user’s guide, your option package contains the following: 1 Projector with lamp housing

Seite 9 - General safety guidelines

Important: v Avoid using the projector in dusty environments v Leave the power cable plugged in (for 2-5 minutes) until the pro

Seite 10 - Batteries

12 345 6 7 891011POWERSOURCEAUTOMENUPOWERREADY POWERSOURCEAUTOMENU1 Keystone/Down cursor Corrects image-trapezoid (widens bottom) effect Navi

Seite 11 - CD and DVD drive safety

1 DVI-I Connect the supplied DVI cable from a computer 2 RGB IN Connect a VGA cable (not supplied) from a computer 3 RGB o

Seite 13 - Registering your option

1 Height adjuster buttons Push to release leveling legs 2 Leveling legs Adjusters drop down when you push adjuster buttons, the

Seite 14

Chapter 2. Setting up the projector This chapter provides information on positioning the projector, connecting a computer source, usi

Seite 15

8. When the ″Power off″ message appears, press the Power button again to switch off power. Note: This operation can be cance

Seite 16 - Packing checklist

Screen WidthL Projection DistanceScreenHeightADCBChapter 2. Setting up the projector 2-3

Seite 17 - Projector features

Adjusting the projector level and height To adjust the projector level and height, complete the following procedure: 1. To raise t

Seite 18 - 12 345 6 7 891011

KeystoneVolumeMute4. If you press the keystone buttons on the projector or remote, the keystone control appears. 5. Use the

Seite 19 - 7891011121314151618 17

3. Press the Mute button (on the remote control only) to turn off the volume. Press the Mute button again to turn off mute. T

Seite 20 - 2 3 3 3112

Chapter 3. Connecting devices to the projector This chapter provides information on connecting devices to the C500 projector. Connecti

Seite 21

Connecting to a USB device To control your computer mouse using the projector remote control, connect the projector to the computer

Seite 22 - Positioning the projector

Chapter 4. Using the projector features This chapter provides information on using the remote control, audio, keypad buttons, and ot

Seite 23 - L Projection Distance

Lenovo C500 Projector User’s Guid e

Seite 24 - Adjusting the image

6 Enter Changes On-screen Display settings 7 Up cursor Navigates and changes On-screen Display settings. Up arrow when connected

Seite 25 - Adjusting the volume

3. Replace the cover, as shown. Note: v Only use AAA alkaline batteries. v Dispose of used batteries according to local go

Seite 26

BlankBlankPowerMenuKeystoneAutoEnterSourceVolumeMuteFreeze12781312111091234566/9 7/10 3/5 2 4/8 13 12 1 11POWERSOURCEAUTOMENUPOWERREADY POWERSOURCEAUT

Seite 27 - A B C D E F

Chapter 5. On-screen Display menu controls This projector has an On-screen Display that lets you make image adjustments and change

Seite 28

Quality menu The Quality menu can be found through the main menu. To access the Quality menu, 1. Press the Menu button to open

Seite 29 - Using the remote control

Item Description Default Gamma Press the left or right cursor button to select different gamma corrections. Range: (Input/Gamma/Brightn

Seite 30

The following table shows Properties menu and default options. Item Description Default Horizontal Position Press the left or right

Seite 31 - Operating range

Input Sources Function DVI-A/RGB DVI-D Component video Composite video SVideo H Position x V Position x Keystone x x x x x Aspect R

Seite 32

Item Description Default User Color This feature adjusts the color balance in each color of RGB (red, green, blue) and their neutra

Seite 33

5. Press the up or down cursor button to select a color. Press the left or right cursor button to change values for settings

Seite 34 - Quality menu

Note: Before using this information and the product it supports, read the information in Appendix D, “Service and Support,” on page

Seite 35 - Properties menu

The following table shows the options that you will see in the Options Menu and the default. Item Description Default Blank scree

Seite 36

The following table shows the options that you will see in the Setup menu and the default. Item Description Default Video Type Pr

Seite 37 - Advance Feature menu

Item Description Default Cancel Cancels changes made in the On-screen Display screen and returns all parameters to their previous sett

Seite 38 - User color

Item Description Default IP Address Press the up or down cursor button to change the values. Press the Menu button followed by the

Seite 39 - Options menu

The following table shows the options that you will see in the Language menu and the default. Item Description Default Languages

Seite 40 - Setup menu

Item Description Lamp Mode Press the left or right cursor button to select normal lamp mode for higher brightness. Range: ECO - Bo

Seite 41

5-14 Lenovo C500 Projector User’s Guide

Seite 42 - Network Setting

Chapter 6. Remote network operation This section provides information on using the remote network with your projector. Network setup W

Seite 43 - Language menu

C500 Ethernet operation Ensure that the projector is connected to the network, that the Control option in the On-screen Display menu

Seite 44 - Information menu

The Projector Remote Control window provides similar functions as the hand-held projector remote control. Click the corresponding butt

Seite 45 - Item Description

Contents Safety information . . . . . . . . . .v General safety guidelines . . . . . . . vii Mercury lamp information . . .

Seite 46

The default value for security in the Administrator Settings window is set to Disabled. If the security state is changed, the brow

Seite 47 - Network setup

The Network Settings window is used to enable or disable DHCP. If DHCP is enabled, the window shows the values assigned by the D

Seite 48 - C500 Ethernet operation

Updating Ethernet firmware To update the firmware that controls the Ethernet functions of the projector, begin by downloading the rev

Seite 49

When the projector is ready, click the Continue button to go to the next window. In the Firmware Update window, click the Brow

Seite 50

Wait for the projector to compete the reset, then click the Re Login button to return to the main window. 6-8 Lenovo C500 Pr

Seite 51

Appendix A. Maintenance This chapter provides information on projector maintenance. Cleaning the lens To clean the lens, complete the

Seite 52 - Updating Ethernet firmware

POWEPOWERREAREADYSOUSOURCEAUTO3. Remove the two screws from the lamp module A. 4. Lift the module handle upB. ABA 5. Pull

Seite 53

6. Reverse steps 1 through 5 to install the new lamp module.Resetting the lamp After replacing the lamp, you should reset the l

Seite 54

Using the security slot The projector has a security slot, as shown. Refer to the information that comes with the lock for instruc

Seite 55 - Appendix A. Maintenance

Appendix B. Troubleshooting The following table provides troubleshooting information for the projector. In some cases, more than one p

Seite 56

iv Lenovo C500 Projector User’s Guide

Seite 57 - Resetting the lamp

Problem Solution There is no light from the projector v Check that the power cable is securely connected. v Ensure the power so

Seite 58 - Using the security slot

LED Status/# of Flashes Description Power 4 System overheating 5 System interface error 6 Lamp error 7 Fan error (refer ready LED stat

Seite 59

B-4 Lenovo C500 Projector User’s Guide

Seite 60 - Projector LEDs

Appendix C. Specifications Following are specifications for the Lenovo C500 projector. Power consumption Normal operation < 350 wat

Seite 61 - Thermal protector

C-2 Lenovo C500 Projector User’s Guide

Seite 62

Appendix D. Service and Support The following information describes the technical support that is available for your product, during

Seite 63 - Appendix C. Specifications

D-2 Lenovo C500 Projector User’s Guide

Seite 64

Appendix E. Lenovo Statement of Limited Warranty LSOLW-00 05/2005 Part 1 - General Terms This Statement of Limited Warranty includes

Seite 65 - Online technical support

If the Machine does not function as warranted during the warranty period, contact a Service Provider. If you do not register the

Seite 66

Limitation of Liability Lenovo is responsible for loss of, or damage to, your Machine only while it is 1) in your Service Provider

Seite 67 - Part 1 - General Terms

Safety information Before installing this product, read the Safety Information. Antes de instalar este produto, leia as Informações

Seite 68

BOLIVIAJurisdiction: The following is added after the first sentence: Any litigation arising from this Statement of Limited Warranty

Seite 69

How to Obtain Warranty Service: The following is added to this Section: To obtain warranty service from IBM service in Canada or

Seite 70

If one of the parties refuses or otherwise fails to appoint an arbitrator within 30 days of the date the other party appoints it

Seite 71

Limitation of Liability: The following is added to this section:Where Machines are not acquired for the purposes of a business as

Seite 72

If you purchase a Machine in one of the Western European countries, as defined above, you may obtain warranty service for that Ma

Seite 73

Limited Warranty shall be resolved by the Istanbul Central (Sultanahmet) Courts and Execution Directorates of Istanbul, the Republic

Seite 74

The above limitation shall not apply to damages for bodily injuries (including death) and damages to real property and tangible per

Seite 75

EGYPT Limitation of Liability: The following replaces item 2 in this section: as to any other actual direct damages, Lenovo’s liabil

Seite 76

Warranty in respect of which Lenovo is legally liable to you, whether in contract or tort. A number of Defaults which together re

Seite 77

These limits also apply to Lenovo’s suppliers, resellers and Service Providers. They state the maximum for which Lenovo and such su

Seite 78

Läs säkerhetsinformationen innan du installerar den här produkten. vi Lenovo C500 Projector User’s Guide

Seite 79 - Types of Warranty Service

a Service Provider install CRUs, at no additional charge, under the type of warranty service designated for your Machine. Lenovo sp

Seite 80 - Worldwide telephone list

Country or Region Telephone Number Belgium Up and running support: 02-210-9820 (Dutch) Up and running support: 02-210-9800 (French) War

Seite 81

Country or Region Telephone Number India 1600-44-6666 Alternate Toll Free: +91-80-2678-8940 (English) Indonesia 800-140-3555 +62-21-251-2955

Seite 82

Country or Region Telephone Number Philippines 1800-1888-1426 +63-2-995-8420 (English, Philipino) Poland +48-22-878-6999 Portugal +351-21-892-

Seite 83

In the event that warranty repair is required please call the Customer Support Center at 001-866-434-2080, where you will be direct

Seite 84

Appendix F. Notices Lenovo may not offer the products, services, or features discussed in this document in all countries. Consult yo

Seite 85 - Appendix F. Notices

Trademarks The following terms are trademarks of Lenovo in the United States, other countries, or both: Lenovo Lenovo logo Thi

Seite 86 - Trademarks

Appendix G. Electronic emission notices The following information refers to the Lenovo C500 Projector. Federal Communications Commission


Hinweis für Geräte der Klasse B EU-Richtlinie zur ElektromagnetischenVerträglichkeit Dieses Produkt entspricht den Schutzanforderungen de

Seite 88

Lenovo no puede aceptar responsabilidad alguna si este producto deja de satisfacer dichos requisitos de protección como resultado de

Seite 89

General safety guidelines Always observe the following precautions to reduce the risk of injury and property damage: Mercury lamp inf

Seite 90

G-4 Lenovo C500 Projector User’s Guide

Seite 92 - (1P) P/N: 40Y8187

Part Number: 40Y8187 Printed in USA (1P) P/N: 40Y8187

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