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Document Number: 318080-002
Notice: The Intel
Processor 7200 Series and 7300 Series may contain design defects or errors known
as errata which may cause the product to deviate from published specifications. Current characterized errata are
available on request.
Processor 7200 Series
and 7300 Series
September 2008
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Seite 1 - Processor 7200 Series

Document Number: 318080-002Notice: The Intel® Xeon® Processor 7200 Series and 7300 Series may contain design defects or errors known as errata which

Seite 2

Introduction10 Document Number: 318080-002The Intel® Xeon® Processor 7200 Series and 7300 Series support Intel® Virtualization Technology for hardwar

Seite 3 - Contents

Thermal Specifications100 Document Number: 318080-002Notes:1. Please refer to Table 6-6 for discrete points that constitute the thermal profile.2. Ref

Seite 4 - 4 Document Number: 318080-002

Document Number: 318080-002 101Thermal SpecificationsNotes:1. These values are specified at VCC_MAX for all processor frequencies. Systems must be des

Seite 5 - Document Number: 318080-002 5

Thermal Specifications102 Document Number: 318080-0023. Thermal Design Power (TDP) should be used for processor thermal solution design targets. TDP i

Seite 6 - 6 Document Number: 318080-002

Document Number: 318080-002 103Thermal SpecificationsNote: Figure is not to scale and is for reference only.6.2 Processor Thermal Features6.2.1 Therma

Seite 7 - Document Number: 318080-002 7

Thermal Specifications104 Document Number: 318080-002speed dependent and will decrease as processor core frequencies increase. A small amount of hyste

Seite 8 - Revision History

Document Number: 318080-002 105Thermal Specificationsto reach the target operating voltage. Each step will be one VID table entry (see Table 2-3). The

Seite 9 - 1 Introduction

Thermal Specifications106 Document Number: 318080-0026.2.5 PROCHOT# SignalAn external signal, PROCHOT# (processor hot) is asserted when the temperatur

Seite 10

Document Number: 318080-002 107Thermal Specifications6.3 Platform Environment Control Interface (PECI) 6.3.1 IntroductionPECI offers an interface for

Seite 11 - 1.1 Terminology

Thermal Specifications108 Document Number: 318080-0026.3.1.2 Processor Thermal Data Sample Rate and FilteringThe DTS (Digital Thermal Sensors) provide

Seite 12 - Introduction

Document Number: 318080-002 109Thermal SpecificationsTable 6-10 shows how the PECI address is assigned to each of the processors based on the ClusterI

Seite 13 - 1.3 References

Document Number: 318080-002 11IntroductionSignals on the FSB use Assisted Gunning Transceiver Logic (AGTL+) level voltages. Section 2.1 contains the

Seite 14

Thermal Specifications110 Document Number: 318080-002Prior to a power on RESET# and during RESET# assertion, PECI is not guaranteed to provide reliabl

Seite 15 - 2 Electrical Specifications

Document Number: 318080-002 111Features7 Features7.1 Power-On Configuration OptionsSeveral configuration options can be configured by hardware. The In

Seite 16 - Clocking

Features112 Document Number: 318080-002processor. The chipset needs to account for a variable number of processors asserting the Stop Grant SBC on the

Seite 17 - 2.3.2 PLL Power Supply

Document Number: 318080-002 113FeaturesNotes:1. The specification is at TCASE = 50°C and nominal VCC. The VID setting represents the maximum expected

Seite 18 - Electrical Specifications

Features114 Document Number: 318080-0027.2.3 Stop-Grant StateWhen the STPCLK# pin is asserted, the Stop-Grant state of the processor is entered 20 bus

Seite 19

Document Number: 318080-002 115FeaturesWhile in the Stop-Grant state, SMI#, INIT#, BINIT# and LINT[1:0] will be latched by the processor, and only ser

Seite 20

Features116 Document Number: 318080-002Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology creates processor performance states (P-states) or voltage/frequency operat

Seite 21 - Table 2-4. FSB Signal Groups

Document Number: 318080-002 117FeaturesNote: Actual implementation may vary. This figure is provided to offer a general understanding of the architect

Seite 22 - Asynchronous Signals

Features118 Document Number: 318080-002Note:1. This addressing scheme will support up to 8 processors on a single SMBus.7.4.2 PIROM and Scratch EEPROM

Seite 23 - 2.9 Mixing Processors

Document Number: 318080-002 119Features7.4.3 Processor Information ROM (PIROM)The lower half (128 bytes) of the SMBus memory component is an electrica

Seite 24

Introduction12 Document Number: 318080-002• Processor Information ROM (PIROM) — A memory device located on the processor and accessible via the Syste

Seite 25

Features120 Document Number: 318080-0022 Reserved Reserved for future use2 Processor Core Type From CPUID4 Processor Core Family From CPUID4 Processor

Seite 26

Document Number: 318080-002 121FeaturesDetails on each of these sections are described below. Note: Reserved fields or bits SHOULD be programmed to ze

Seite 27 - CC_VTT_OUT

Features122 Document Number: 318080-0027. PISIZE: PIROM SizeThis location identifies the PIROM size. Writes to this register have no effect.7.4

Seite 28 - Sustained Current (A)

Document Number: 318080-002 123Features7. PDA: Package Data AddressThis location provides the offset to the Package Data Section. Writes to thi

Seite 29

Features124 Document Number: 318080-0027. FDA: Feature Data AddressThis location provides the offset to the Feature Data Section. Writes to thi

Seite 30 - Table 2-10. V

Document Number: 318080-002 125Features7.4.3.2 Processor DataThis section contains two pieces of data: • The S-spec of the part in ASCII format• (1) 2

Seite 31

Features126 Document Number: 318080-0027. SAMPROD: Sample/ProductionThis location contains the sample/production field, which is a two-bit fiel

Seite 32 - Load Lines

Document Number: 318080-002 127Features7. FSB: Front Side Bus SpeedThis location contains the front side bus frequency information. Systems may

Seite 33

Features128 Document Number: 318080-0027. MPSUP: Multiprocessor SupportThis location contains 2 bits for representing the supported number of p

Seite 34 - Tolerance Load Lines

Document Number: 318080-002 129Features7. MINV: Minimum Core VoltageThis location contains the minimum Processor Core voltage. This field, roun

Seite 35 - Specifications

Document Number: 318080-002 13Introduction1.2 State of DataThis document contains preliminary information on new products in production. The specific

Seite 36 - DC Characteristics

Features130 Document Number: 318080-0027. RES3: Reserved 3These locations are reserved. Writes to this register have no effect. L2SIZE

Seite 37 - Overshoot Specification

Document Number: 318080-002 131Features7. MINV: Minimum Cache VoltageThis location contains the minimum Cache voltage. This field, rounded to t

Seite 38 - Example Overshoot Waveform

Features132 Document Number: 318080-0027. RES5: Reserved 5This location is reserved. Writes to this register have no effect. PDCKS: Pa

Seite 39

Document Number: 318080-002 133Features7. RES6: Reserved 6This location is reserved. Writes to this register have no effect. Processor

Seite 40

Features134 Document Number: 318080-0027. RES7: Reserved 7This location is reserved. Writes to this register have no effect. PNDCKS: P

Seite 41

Document Number: 318080-002 135Features7.4.3.8 Feature Data This section provides information on key features that the platform may need to understand

Seite 42

Features136 Document Number: 318080-0027. Additional Processor Feature FlagsThis location contains additional feature information for the proce

Seite 43

Document Number: 318080-002 137Features7.4.4 ChecksumsThe PIROM includes multiple checksums. Table 7-7 includes the checksum values for each section d

Seite 44

Features138 Document Number: 318080-002

Seite 45

Document Number: 318080-002 139Boxed Processor Specifications8 Boxed Processor Specifications8.1 IntroductionThe Intel® Xeon® Processor 7200 Series a

Seite 46

Introduction14 Document Number: 318080-002

Seite 47 - Tp = T1: BCLK[1:0] period

Boxed Processor Specifications140 Document Number: 318080-002

Seite 48

Document Number: 318080-002 141Debug Tools Specifications9 Debug Tools Specifications9.1 Debug Port System Requirements The Intel® Xeon® Processor 720

Seite 49

Debug Tools Specifications142 Document Number: 318080-0029.2.2 Electrical ConsiderationsThe LAI will also affect the electrical performance of the FSB

Seite 50

Document Number: 318080-002 15Electrical Specifications2 Electrical Specifications2.1 Front Side Bus and GTLREFMost Intel® Xeon® Processor 7200 Serie

Seite 51 - THERMTRIP#

Electrical Specifications16 Document Number: 318080-002remains within the specifications listed in Table 2-9. Failure to do so can result in timing vi

Seite 52

Document Number: 318080-002 17Electrical SpecificationsNotes:1. Individual processors operate only at or below the frequency marked on the package.2.

Seite 53

Electrical Specifications18 Document Number: 318080-002outputs. Please refer to Table 2-12 for the DC specifications for these signals. A voltage rang

Seite 54 - Figure 2-26. VID Step Timings

Document Number: 318080-002 19Electrical SpecificationsNotes:1. When this VID pattern is observed, the voltage regulator output should be disabled.2.

Seite 55


Seite 56

Electrical Specifications20 Document Number: 318080-0022.5 Reserved, Unused, or Test SignalsAll Reserved signals must remain unconnected. Connection o

Seite 57 - 3 Mechanical Specifications

Document Number: 318080-002 21Electrical SpecificationsNotes:1. Refer to Section 5 for signal descriptions.2. These signals may be driven simultaneous

Seite 58 - Mechanical Specifications

Electrical Specifications22 Document Number: 318080-002Table 2-5 outlines the signals which include on-die termination (RTT). Table 2-6 outlines non A

Seite 59

Document Number: 318080-002 23Electrical Specifications2.9 Mixing ProcessorsIntel supports and validates multi-processor configurations only in which

Seite 60

Electrical Specifications24 Document Number: 318080-0022.11 Processor DC SpecificationsThe following notes apply:• The processor DC specifications in

Seite 61

Document Number: 318080-002 25Electrical Specifications2.11.1 Flexible Motherboard Guidelines (FMB)The Flexible Motherboard (FMB) guidelines are estim

Seite 62

Electrical Specifications26 Document Number: 318080-002Notes:1. Unless otherwise noted, all specifications in this table apply to all processors and a

Seite 63

Document Number: 318080-002 27Electrical Specifications9. Minimum VCC and maximum ICC are specified at the maximum processor case temperature (TCASE)

Seite 64

Electrical Specifications28 Document Number: 318080-002Notes:1. Processor or Voltage Regulator thermal protection circuitry should not trip for load c

Seite 65

Document Number: 318080-002 29Electrical SpecificationsNotes:1. Processor or Voltage Regulator thermal protection circuitry should not trip for load c

Seite 66

Document Number: 318080-002 3Contents1Introduction...

Seite 67 - 3.7 Processor Materials

Electrical Specifications30 Document Number: 318080-002Table 2-10. VCC Static and Transient ToleranceICC (A) VCC_Max (V) VCC_Typ (V) VCC_Min (V) Notes

Seite 68 - 3.8 Processor Markings

Document Number: 318080-002 31Electrical SpecificationsNotes:1. The VCC_MIN and VCC_MAX loadlines represent static and transient limits. Please see Se

Seite 69 - Processor

Electrical Specifications32 Document Number: 318080-002Notes:1. The VCC_MIN and VCC_MAX loadlines represent static and transient limits. Please see Se

Seite 70

Document Number: 318080-002 33Electrical SpecificationsNotes:1. The VCC_MIN and VCC_MAX loadlines represent static and transient limits. Please see Se

Seite 71 - 4 Pin Listing

Electrical Specifications34 Document Number: 318080-002Notes:1. The VCC_MIN and VCC_MAX loadlines represent static and transient limits. Please see Se

Seite 72

Document Number: 318080-002 35Electrical SpecificationsNotes:1. Unless otherwise noted, all specifications in this table apply to all processor freque

Seite 73

Electrical Specifications36 Document Number: 318080-0027300 Series contains Digital Thermal Sensors (DTS) distributed throughout the die. These sensor

Seite 74

Document Number: 318080-002 37Electrical Specifications2.11.3 VCC Overshoot SpecificationProcessors can tolerate short transient overshoot events wher

Seite 75 - 10 of 16)

Electrical Specifications38 Document Number: 318080-002Notes:1. VOS is the measured overshoot voltage.2. TOS is the measured time duration above VID.2

Seite 76 - 12 of 16)

Document Number: 318080-002 39Electrical SpecificationsNotes:1. Unless otherwise noted, all specifications in this table apply to all processor freque

Seite 77 - 14 of 16)

4 Document Number: 318080-0026.2.3 Thermal Monitor 2 ...1046.2.4 On-Deman

Seite 78 - 16 of 16)

Electrical Specifications40 Document Number: 318080-0022.12 Front Side Bus AC SpecificationsThe processor FSB timings specified in this section are de

Seite 79 - 2 of 14)

Document Number: 318080-002 41Electrical Specifications5. Specification is for a minimum swing is specified into the test circuit described in Figure

Seite 80 - 4 of 14)

Electrical Specifications42 Document Number: 318080-002Notes:1. Unless otherwise noted, all specifications in this table apply to all processor freque

Seite 81 - 6 of 14)

Document Number: 318080-002 43Electrical SpecificationsNotes: 1. Unless otherwise noted, all specifications in this table apply to all processor freq

Seite 82 - 7 of 14)

Electrical Specifications44 Document Number: 318080-002Notes:1. See Voltage Regulator Module (VRM) and Enterprise Voltage Regulator-Down (EVRD) 11.0 D

Seite 83 - 10 of 14)

Document Number: 318080-002 45Electrical Specifications2.13 Processor AC Timing WaveformsThe following figures are used in conjunction with the AC tim

Seite 84 - 12 of 14)

Electrical Specifications46 Document Number: 318080-002Figure 2-11. Electrical Test CircuitFigure 2-12. TCK Clock WaveformV2V1TpTCKTp = T55: PeriodV1,

Seite 85 - 14 of 14)

Document Number: 318080-002 47Electrical SpecificationsFigure 2-13. Differential Clock WaveformCrossingVoltageThresholdRegionVHVLOvershootUndershootRi

Seite 86 - Pin Listing

Electrical Specifications48 Document Number: 318080-002Notes:1. Waveform at pin is non-monotonic. Waveform at pad is monotonic.2. Differential Edge Ra

Seite 87 - 5 Signal Definitions

Document Number: 318080-002 49Electrical SpecificationsFigure 2-17. FSB Source Synchronous 2X (Address) Timing WaveformTp/4 Tp/2 3Tp/4BCLK0BCLK1ADSTB#

Seite 88

Document Number: 318080-002 5Figures2-1 Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® L7345 Processor Load Current versus Time ...272-2 Dual-Core Dual-Cor

Seite 89

Electrical Specifications50 Document Number: 318080-002Figure 2-18. FSB Source Synchronous 4X (Data) Timing WaveformBCLK0BCLK1Tp/4Tp/2 3Tp/4DSTBp# (@

Seite 90

Document Number: 318080-002 51Electrical SpecificationsNote: Please refer to Table 2-12 for TAP Signal Group DC specifications and Table 2-24 for TAP

Seite 91

Electrical Specifications52 Document Number: 318080-002Figure 2-22. SMBus Timing WaveformDataClkP PSSSTOP STOPSTART STARTtLOWtRtHD;STAtHD;DATtBUFHIGHt

Seite 92 - CC and BCLK have reached

Document Number: 318080-002 53Electrical SpecificationsFigure 2-24. Voltage Sequence Timing RequirementsBCLKVccPWRGOODRESET#TdVTTTa TbVCC_BOOTTeVCCPLL

Seite 93

Electrical Specifications54 Document Number: 318080-002Notes:1. Ta = T40 (FERR# Valid Delay from STPCLK# Deassertion).2. FERR# / PBE# is undefined fro

Seite 94

Document Number: 318080-002 55Electrical Specifications§Figure 2-27. VID Step Times and Vcc WaveformsVIDVCC(max)VCC(min)nn-1n-2n-3n-4n-6 = VIDTM2n-1n-

Seite 95 - 6 Thermal Specifications

Electrical Specifications56 Document Number: 318080-002

Seite 96 - CASE_MAX

Document Number: 318080-002 57Mechanical Specifications3 Mechanical SpecificationsThe Intel® Xeon® Processor 7200 Series and 7300 Series is packaged i

Seite 97

Mechanical Specifications58 Document Number: 318080-002Figure 3-2.Processor Package Drawing (Sheet 1 of 2)

Seite 98 - = 0.162 x Power + 45

Document Number: 318080-002 59Mechanical SpecificationsFigure 3-3.Processor Package Drawing (Sheet 2 of 2)

Seite 99

6 Document Number: 318080-0026-8 Conceptual Fan Control Diagram For a PECI-Based Platform ...1087-1 Stop Clock State Ma

Seite 100 - = 0.420 x Power + 45

Mechanical Specifications60 Document Number: 318080-0023.2 Processor Component Keepout ZonesThe processor may contain components on the substrate that

Seite 101 - = 0.238 x Power + 45

Document Number: 318080-002 61Mechanical SpecificationsFigure 3-4.Top Side Board Keepout Zones (Part 1)

Seite 102 - 6.1.2 Thermal Metrology

Mechanical Specifications62 Document Number: 318080-002Figure 3-5.Top Side Board Keepout Zones (Part 2)

Seite 103 - 6.2.2 Thermal Monitor

Document Number: 318080-002 63Mechanical SpecificationsFigure 3-6.Bottom Side Board Keepout Zones

Seite 104 - 6.2.3 Thermal Monitor 2

Mechanical Specifications64 Document Number: 318080-002Figure 3-7.Board Mounting-Hole Keepout Zones

Seite 105 - 6.2.4 On-Demand Mode

Document Number: 318080-002 65Mechanical SpecificationsFigure 3-8.Volumetric Height Keep-Ins

Seite 106 - 6.2.7 THERMTRIP# Signal

Mechanical Specifications66 Document Number: 318080-0023.3 Package Loading SpecificationsTable 3-1 provides dynamic and static load specifications for

Seite 107 - 6.3.1 Introduction

Document Number: 318080-002 67Mechanical Specifications3.4 Package Handling GuidelinesTable 3-2 includes a list of guidelines on package handling in t

Seite 108 - 6.3.2 PECI Specifications

Mechanical Specifications68 Document Number: 318080-0023.8 Processor MarkingsFigure 3-9 shows the topside markings and Figure 3-10 shows the bottom-si

Seite 109

Document Number: 318080-002 69Mechanical Specifications3.9 Processor Pin-Out CoordinatesFigure 3-11 shows the top view of the processor pin coordinate

Seite 110

Document Number: 318080-002 77-2 Extended HALT Maximum Power... 1137-3 Memory Dev

Seite 111 - 7 Features

Mechanical Specifications70 Document Number: 318080-002

Seite 112 - 7.2.1 Normal State

Document Number: 318080-002 71Pin Listing4 Pin Listing4.1 Pin AssignmentsSection 2.6 contains the front side bus signal groups for the Intel® Xeon® Pr


Pin Listing72 Document Number: 318080-002BPMb3# AE3 Common Clk Input/OutputBPRI# D23 Common Clk InputBR0# D20 Common Clk Input/OutputBR1# F12 Common C

Seite 114 - 7.2.3 Stop-Grant State

Document Number: 318080-002 73Pin ListingDEFER# C23 Common Clk InputDP0# AC18 Common Clk Input/OutputDP1# AE19 Common Clk Input/OutputDP2# AC15 Common

Seite 115 - Technology

Pin Listing74 Document Number: 318080-002SM_WP AD29 SMBus InputSMI# C27 Async GTL+ InputSTPCLK# D4 Async GTL+ InputTCK E24 TAP InputTDI C24 TAP InputT

Seite 116 - Features

Document Number: 318080-002 75Pin ListingVCCM1 Power/OtherVCCM3 Power/OtherVCCM5 Power/OtherVCCM7 Power/OtherVCCM9 Power/OtherVCCM23 Power/OtherVCCM25

Seite 117 - 7.4.1 SMBus Device Addressing

Pin Listing76 Document Number: 318080-002VCCAB14 Power/OtherVCCAB18 Power/OtherVCCAB24 Power/OtherVCCAB30 Power/OtherVCCAC3 Power/OtherVCCAC16 Power/O

Seite 118 - Transactions

Document Number: 318080-002 77Pin ListingVSSJ9 Power/OtherVSSJ23 Power/OtherVSSJ25 Power/OtherVSSJ27 Power/OtherVSSJ29 Power/OtherVSSJ31 Power/OtherVS

Seite 119

Pin Listing78 Document Number: 318080-002VSSV9 Power/OtherVSSV23 Power/OtherVSSV25 Power/OtherVSSV27 Power/OtherVSSV29 Power/OtherVSSV31 Power/OtherVS

Seite 120

Document Number: 318080-002 79Pin Listing4.1.2 Pin Listing by Pin NumberTable 4-2. Pin Listing by Pin Number (Sheet 1 of 14)Pin No. Pin NameSignal Buf

Seite 121 - Header

8 Document Number: 318080-002Revision History§Document NumberRevision Description Date318080 -001 • Initial Release September 2007318080 -002 • Change

Seite 122

Pin Listing80 Document Number: 318080-002C23 DEFER# Common Clk InputC24 TDI TAP InputC25 VSSPower/Other InputC26 IGNNE# Async GTL+ InputC27 SMI# Async

Seite 123

Document Number: 318080-002 81Pin ListingF18 DBSY# Common Clk Input/OutputF19 VSSPower/OtherF20 BNR# Common Clk Input/OutputF21 RS2# Common Clk InputF

Seite 124

Pin Listing82 Document Number: 318080-002L3 VSSPower/OtherL4 VCCPower/OtherL5 VSSPower/OtherL6 VCCPower/OtherL7 VSSPower/OtherL8 VCCPower/OtherL9 VSSP

Seite 125 - Processor Data

Document Number: 318080-002 83Pin ListingT1 VSSPower/OtherT2 VCCPower/OtherT3 VSSPower/OtherT4 VCCPower/OtherT5 VSSPower/OtherT6 VCCPower/OtherT7 VSSP

Seite 126 - Processor Core Data

Pin Listing84 Document Number: 318080-002Y17 DSTBP1# Source Sync Input/OutputY18 DSTBN1# Source Sync Input/OutputY19 VSSPower/OtherY20 DSTBP0# Source

Seite 127 - 1Ah-1Bh

Document Number: 318080-002 85Pin Listing§AC12 D41# Source Sync Input/OutputAC13 VSSPower/OtherAC14 D50# Source Sync Input/OutputAC15 DP2# Common Clk

Seite 128 - 1Fh-20h

Pin Listing86 Document Number: 318080-002

Seite 129 - Cache Data

Document Number: 318080-002 87Signal Definitions5 Signal Definitions5.1 Signal Definitions.Table 5-1. Signal Definitions (Sheet 1 of 8)Name Type Descr

Seite 130

Signal Definitions88 Document Number: 318080-002BINIT# I/O BINIT# (Bus Initialization) may be observed and driven by all processor FSB agents and if u

Seite 131 - Package Data

Document Number: 318080-002 89Signal DefinitionsD[63:0]# I/O D[63:0]# (Data) are the data signals. These signals provide a 64-bit data path between th

Seite 132 - Part Number Data

Document Number: 318080-002 9Introduction1 IntroductionALL INFORMATION IN THIS DOCUMENT IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.The Intel® Xeon® Processor 7200 Series a

Seite 133 - 4Dh=54h

Signal Definitions90 Document Number: 318080-002DSTBN[3:0]# I/O Data strobe used to latch in D[63:0]#.DSTBP[3:0]# I/O Data strobe used to latch in D[6

Seite 134 - 71h-72h

Document Number: 318080-002 91Signal DefinitionsIGNNE# I IGNNE# (Ignore Numeric Error) is asserted to force the processor to ignore a numeric error an

Seite 135 - Feature Data

Signal Definitions92 Document Number: 318080-002PWRGOOD I PWRGOOD (Power Good) is an input. The processor requires this signal to be a clean indicatio

Seite 136 - Other Data

Document Number: 318080-002 93Signal DefinitionsSMI# I SMI# (System Management Interrupt) is asserted asynchronously by system logic. On accepting a S

Seite 137 - 7.4.5 Scratch EEPROM

Signal Definitions94 Document Number: 318080-002§VID[6:1] O VID[6:1] (Voltage ID) pins are used to support automatic selection of power supply voltage

Seite 138

Document Number: 318080-002 95Thermal Specifications6 Thermal Specifications6.1 Package Thermal SpecificationsThe Intel® Xeon® Processor 7200 Series a

Seite 139 - 8.2 Thermal Specifications

Thermal Specifications96 Document Number: 318080-002Additionally, utilization of a thermal solution that does not meet the Thermal Profile will violat

Seite 140

Document Number: 318080-002 97Thermal SpecificationsNotes:1. Please refer to Table 6-2 for discrete points that constitute the thermal profile.2. Impl

Seite 141 - 9 Debug Tools Specifications

Thermal Specifications98 Document Number: 318080-002Notes:1. These values are specified at VCC_MAX for all processor frequencies. Systems must be desi

Seite 142 - Debug Tools Specifications

Document Number: 318080-002 99Thermal SpecificationsNotes:1. These values are specified at VCC_MAX for all processor frequencies. Systems must be desi

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