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Seite 1 - User Guide V1.1

IdeaPad Tablet A1-07 User Guide V1.1 Please read the safety precautions and important notes in the supplied manual before use.

Seite 2

1-8 Home Screen This desktop enables you to quickly view and open your most frequently used applications. In the home screen, you can add widgets

Seite 3 - Settings

• 1-9 S Your IYou camove i 1-10 To delete sthe desiredbottom of onto the SwitchingIdeaPad Tn slide the cons amon Status Bsomething d gadget u th

Seite 4

The syTablet You calevel, Pabout y Touch the Nosettingsecurit 1-11 stem mess A1-07. n get the inPower levelyour tabletthe Status tification Pags

Seite 5 - Screen Rotation Lock Button

Your taTouch have u 1-12 Tap You ca SUninstablet rememfor abosed recent Applicaton the hon enter MaSettings". tall mbers the aut 2 secondly.

Seite 6 - Lock Screen

Tap "Downloaded", the app you desired, then press the Uninstall button on the top to uninstall the app. Stop/change setting Tap "All&qu

Seite 7 - How to Unlock

• Touch , the indicator displays, and you can enter capital letters. Input options • Touch on the keyboard to open Input languages menu. You ca

Seite 8

C C 2-1NetwithyouopeThethe persToubrow The InTouthe key ExTou BoYouChapter 02 Connecti2-1 B2-2 L1 Browsework supph the web r network erator o

Seite 9

nav BooDispYouto oeditshoMosDispmosHisDispbrow NeThiswinwin AdTouRefForBooTouMorinclinfoZooto tenlawhiBac 2-2 vigate to thokmarks: plays a list c

Seite 10 - 1-8 Home Screen

Within the applications list, touch " Lenovo App Shop" to open the Lenovo App Shop interface. NOTE: Network support is required before you c

Seite 11

C A 3-1 Toucalc 3-2 Toucale NeYou MaChapter 03 Applicatio3-1 C3-2 C3-3 C3-4 C3-5 C3-6 E3-7 E3-8 G3-9 M1 Calculach " Caculator appl2

Seite 12

C ChOv1111111111111 ChCo22 ChAp333Contents apter 01 verview o1-1 Ap1-2 Bu1-3 Po1-4 Tu1-5 Sc1-6 Na1-7 4-1-8 Ho1-9 Sw1-10 Sta1-11

Seite 13

You ViewDaycreaWeecreaMonDay NOTthe tappfunc 3-3 Touphofouncan SwYouinteswit PhTakIn tscreCam can switchw by tappiny view: Touate, view, eek vie

Seite 14 - System keyboard

ViewIn ttoucprevslide PhoAnyGallGall VidVideIn tscre wing Phothe photo tach Photo Prview interfaeshows. oto Savingy photos yoery" applice

Seite 15 - *Specific models only

ViewIn tprevcornthum VideAnythe appreco 3-4 TouviewTo aWheSno 3-5 Tou AddWithcontinfoyou EditWithon tyou 3-6 Netwwing Videhe vertical viousl

Seite 16 - *Specifi

A1-0netwservTou 3-7 Touup tbrowyou RooTap quicNewTapsearAftefile OpeTap dele•••For help07's mailbowork suppovice providech " E7 ES File

Seite 17

3-8 Touthe uppsele On Galthenfile. On Selemod 3-9 Touappmus Toumus MusYou volu8 Gallery ch " G picture apper right corect display m Gall

Seite 18

On thenplaytop music playen enter othy. To turn o of the screer page, toer applicatioff/change een, drag it ouch canions, but yomusic, touc down,

Seite 19

C S Withthe 4-1 Thissetthotsmod AiChapter 04 Settings 4-1 W4-2 S4-3 D4-4 L4-5 A4-6 A4-7 P4-8 S4-9 L4-10 B4-11 D4-12 Ahin the app Settings

Seite 20

Oncconnimm WYou Oncwill dispTheLANpassthatonlyTouthenalso ••• BluYou BlueExasterSincdevIdeadevdist(aboconnsuchYouspecce the Airplanections onmediat

Seite 21

your IdeaPad Tablet A1-07 and another Bluetooth-enabled device, please use only Lenovo-approved accessories applicable to your IdeaPad Tablet A1-07 mo

Seite 22

The display setting options include: Brightness, Auto-rotate screen, Animation and Screen timeout. Brightness You can manually adjust the brightness

Seite 23 - Explore

3-4 Clock 3-5 Contacts 3-6 Email 3-7 ES File Explore 3-8 Gallery 3-9 Music Chapter 04 Settings 4-1 Wireless & Networks 4-2 Sound S

Seite 24

weather it is possible that you may either fail to get a signal or find that a longer positioning time will be necessary. • For your safety, please d

Seite 25

Once you have set and activated the Pattern Unlock function, then the Unlock keyboard will be displayed on the screen whenever the screen is unlocked

Seite 26

Passwords With the <Visible passwords> option, you can decide whether or not your chosen password will be visible as you input it. If the checkb

Seite 27

4-5 Applications With these settings include: Unknown sources, Manage applications, Running services, Storage use, Battery use, Development (NOTE

Seite 28 - VPN Settings

off. • Allow mock locations: You can toggle between on and off. 4-6 Accounts & Sync With the option, you will be able to do general sync set

Seite 29

4-11 Date & Time With these settings, you can set a series of time-related options such as the system time. Date & Time Settings You can

Seite 30 - Screen Unlock

C O 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1- 1-1 AThe picactual 1-2 B Powe• Chapter 01 Overview-1 App-2 Butt-3 Pow-4 Turn-5 Scre-6 Nav-7 4-Pa-8 Hom-

Seite 31

(for about 2-3 sec) to power on your IdeaPad Tablet A1-07. • After your IdeaPad Tablet A1-07 is powered on, press this button to turn off the illumin

Seite 32 - Credential Storage

"Power off " and touch "OK" to power off your IdeaPad Tablet A1-07. *For the 3G-enabled version, be sure to insert or remove the

Seite 33

Manual Lock If your IdeaPad Tablet A1-07 is powered on and you do not use it temporarily, you can tap the "Power" button on its upper right

Seite 34

ScreYou ca"Settinbeen eunlock 1-6 N • • • • en Lock n touch "Sengs" to set tenabled, yo the screenNavigatioLenovo AFunction Applicat

Seite 35 - 4-12 About Tablet

• • 1-7 4 Back : Browser 1S2m34-Pane De Back to th: Brows1 - Lenovo Shop 2 - Functionmenu 3 - Applicatesktop e previous se the Inter App 4 - Hn 5

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