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Stöbern Sie online oder laden Sie Bedienungsanleitung nach Tastaturen Lenovo B5 herunter. Lenovo B5 User's Manual Benutzerhandbuch

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Initial setup instructions
All-in-One Desktop PC
31 2
4 65
If the computer is configured with
a wireless keyboard and mouse,
setup the keyboard and mouse
wireless connection.(For more
details refer to the back of this
Adjust the angle for the best viewing experience. It can be rotated
between 15 degrees and 35 degrees from the vertical position.
The computer stand must remain
installed at all times to ensure
maximum system stability.
Make sure the angle of the
computer is at least 15 degrees
from the vertical position;
otherwise the computer will be
unstable and could fall over.
To open the computer stand,
refer to the illustration:
Version: 1.1
1. Computer 2. Mouse 3. Power cord 4. Keyboard 5. User manual
6. Remote control (Selected models only)
Connect the power cord to the computer and the electrical outlet
as shown below.
Press the power button on the side of the computer to turn it on.
15° min.
If the computer is configured
with a wired keyboard and
mouse, connect the keyboard
and mouse cables to the
appropriate keyboard (PS/2
connector) and mouse
connectors (USB connector).
Touch buttons
The buttons located at the
bottom-right-side of the screen are
touch buttons. Press on any of the
buttons ONCE to turn the indicator
light ON to activate them. The
buttons remain active while the
indicator light is ON. Now, press
on any of the buttons to change
settings as desired. The indicator
light turns off automatically after
10 seconds of inactivity.
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Initial setup instructionsAll-in-One Desktop PC31 24 65Unpack3) 2) If the computer is configured with a wireless keyboard and mouse, setup the keyboar

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Computer instructionsWireless keyboard and mouse configuration 634512Ċ!Optical driveĊ!Power buttonĊ!Card readerĊ!USB ports (2)Ċ!Headphone connectorĊ

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