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Seite 1 - Storage Array User Guide

-Secure Managed ClientStorage Array User GuideMachine Type 8332

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2 User Guide

Seite 3 - User Gui de

Chapter 2. Features Figure 1 shows a front view of the Secure Managed Client (SMC) - Storage Array while Figure 2 shows a rear v

Seite 4

Enclosure subsystem The SMC - Storage Array design concept is based on an enclosure subsystem together with a set of plug-in module

Seite 5 - Contents

1Front panel 2Drive bays 3Rack retaining screw 4Rack retaining screw Enclosure chassis The chassis is installed with 48.26-cm (1

Seite 6 - User Guide

8.89-cm (3.5-inch) form factor drive. In addition, two 6.35-cm (2.5-inch) boot drives can be installed in the boot drive module.Note

Seite 7 - Introduction

1PS2 mouse port 9Bit 2 (POST LED) 2System status LED 10LSB (POST LED) 3MSB (POST LED) 11Video port 4Bit 1 (POST LED)

Seite 8

3On/off switch 7Reset button (recessed) 4ID LED activation switch Table 1. Functions of front operator's panel LEDs and

Seite 9

Power supply unit voltage operating ranges are nominally 100V - 240V AC, selected automatically. The PSU has an audible alarm to in

Seite 10 - 2 User Guide

Airflow is front to rear with cooling air being drawn across the drives, through the fans and pressurizing the rear of the enclos

Seite 11 - Chapter 2. Features

Drive status indicator Disk drive status, under ESI processor control, is monitored by two LEDs (a green LED and an amber LED) mou

Seite 14 - Server board I/O panel

Chapter 3. Getting Started In this chapter, you are shown how to plan and install your Secure Managed Client (SMC) - Storage Array

Seite 15 - Connectors

The SMC - Storage Array subsystem is housed in a 4 x 3 enclosure (four drive bays wide by three bays high). The top bays are

Seite 16 - Power supply unit

Planning and configuring your installation Refer to “Planning your installation” on page 13 for information on overall system configur

Seite 17 - Cooling fans

CAUTION: Operation of the enclosure system with any modules missing will disrupt the airflow and the drives will not receive suffici

Seite 18 - Drive carrier module

7. Return enclosure to fully home position and attach to rack using captive fasteners on front flanges.Note: Rack rails have fea

Seite 20 - 12 User Guide

Chapter 4. Operation Before powering on the Secure Managed Client (SMC) - Storage Array ensure that all modules are firmly seated i

Seite 21 - Planning your installation

Front operator's panel LEDs and switches The front operator’s panel LED fault and status conditions are defined in Table 4. Fun

Seite 22 - 14 User Guide

Starting the drives Unless otherwise selected during installation, all drives in the enclosure should automatically start their motors

Seite 23

Secure M anaged Client - Sto rag e Array User Gui de

Seite 24 - Enclosure installation

1. Carefully insert the TORX screwdriver provided into the cutout in the handle (see 1 in Figure 20). 2. Rotate the screwdriv

Seite 25 - Grounding checks

Chapter 5. Troubleshooting and problem solving The Secure Managed Client (SMC) - Storage Array includes an enclosure services processo

Seite 26 - 18 User Guide

Table 6. Power supply unit LED states Condition LED state No AC power to all PSUs Off Power supply direct current (DC) outputs ON

Seite 27 - Chapter 4. Operation

Cooling fan LEDs An amber LED incorporated in each cooling fan monitors its status. Constant On indicates a fault condition. . Drive

Seite 28 - 20 User Guide

Table 10. NIC LEDs LED LED state Description Left Off No network connection is in place Solid green Active network connection is in

Seite 29 - Disk drive LEDs

Table 11. Light and buzzer interpretations (continued) LED/buzzer State Related Meaning Action Fast blink (alternating every half second

Seite 30 - Turning off

Table 11. Light and buzzer interpretations (continued) LED/buzzer State Related Meaning Action Faster beep (1.5 seconds beep, 0.5 second

Seite 31

Cooling fan faults Table 14. Cooling fan faults Symptom Cause Action 1. Front panel fault LED amber 2. Audible alarm sounding 3.

Seite 32 - 24 User Guide

Table 15. Thermal cooling (continued) Symptom Cause Action 1. Front operator's panel unit fault LED amber. 2. An amber LED is

Seite 33 - Rear panel LED

CAUTION: Observe all conventional ESD precautions when handling modules and components. Avoid contact with backplane components and mod

Seite 34 - Alarm interpretation

Note Before using this information and the product it supports, be sure to read the Safety and Warranty Guide that came with this

Seite 35

32 User Guide

Seite 36 - Power supply unit faults

Chapter 6. Notices Lenovo may not offer the products, services, or features discussed in this document in all countries. Consult you

Seite 37 - Thermal cooling

Any performance data contained herein was determined in a controlled environment. Therefore, the result in other operating environment

Seite 39

Part Number: 45K1342 Printed in USA (1P) P/N: 45K1342

Seite 40 - 32 User Guide

Contents Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . .v Product contents, order options, and accessories . .v Chapter 1. Important s

Seite 42 - Trademarks

Introduction The Secure Managed Client (SMC) - Storage Array is a 2U (rack space) disk drive enclosure, currently housing 12 low-pro

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vi User Guide

Seite 44 - (1P) P/N: 45K1342

Chapter 1. Important safety information CAUTION: Before using this manual, it is important that you read and understand all the rela

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