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BladeCenter S—Big
benefits for the small office
Large enterprises and small businesses alike depend on their
IT systems to provide the high performance, availability, and
resiliency customers and partners demand. Yet to stay competi-
tive, organizations must find an economical way to simplify and
efficiently manage evolving technology requirements. Small and
midsized businesses in particular are pressured to do more with
less space, fewer IT resources and tighter budgets.
For many organizations, BladeCenter® is the answer. Many
large enterprises have long known that blade systems can help:
Reduce the physical server sprawl associated with typical
Minimize the IT staff needed to manage the applications
essential to operating day-to-day business functions.
Lower costs through the ability to add more servers, storage
and networking simply on an as-needed basis.
Save energy through reduced power consumption compared
to rack servers.
Lenovo brings the power of BladeCenter to small and midsized
businesses. BladeCenter S delivers the industry’s first blade
chassis uniquely designed for small and midsized offices and
distributed environments. Building in simplicity and economy,
BladeCenter S is designed to get big IT results from the
smallest IT staffs.
Right size, right choice
Small enough to sit under your desk, the new BladeCenter S
chassis makes it easy and cost-effective for small and midsized
businesses to obtain IT results at levels traditionally reserved for
large enterprises. With six blade servers, and a fully integrated
Storage Area Network (SAN), the chassis simply plugs into an
average wall socket, helping eliminate the need to own and
operate costly data centers.
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