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Seite 2 - 4423-AB1

© Copyright Lenovo 2008. © 2-1Chapter 2. Adjusting and using your monitorThis section will give you information on adjusting and using your monitor.C

Seite 3 - Contents

2-2 D156 Wide Flat Panel Monitor User’s Guide• Use the monitor brightness, contrast, and image adjustment controls, if equipped, to optimize th

Seite 4 - Safety information

Chapter 2. 2-3Adjusting your monitor imageThis section describes the user control features for adjusting your monitor image.Using the direct access

Seite 5 - Chapter 1. Getting started

2-4 D156 Wide Flat Panel Monitor User’s Guide Table 2-2. OSD functionsOSD Icon on Main Menu Submenu DescriptionControls and Adjustments (Ana

Seite 6 - User controls

Chapter 2. 2-5 OptionsInformationShows resolution, refresh rate, and product details.Note: This screen does not allow any changes to the settings.M

Seite 7 - Setting up your monitor

2-6 D156 Wide Flat Panel Monitor User’s GuideSelecting a supported display modeThe display mode the monitor uses is controlled by the compute

Seite 8 - 1-4

Chapter 2. 2-7Understanding power managementPower management is invoked when the computer recognizes that you have not used your mouse or keyboard

Seite 9 - Reference and Driver CD

2-8 D156 Wide Flat Panel Monitor User’s GuideCaring for your monitorBe sure to turn off the power before you perform any maintenance on the m

Seite 10 - Arranging your work area

© Copyright Lenovo 2008. © 3-1Chapter 3. Reference informationThis section contains monitor specifications, instructions to manually install the mon

Seite 11 - 2-2

3-2 D156 Wide Flat Panel Monitor User’s GuideCommunications VESA DDCSupported Display Modes (VESA Standard modes between noted ranges)Horizonta

Seite 12 - Adjusting your monitor image

Product numbers 4415-AB1 First Edition (June 200 8 )(c) Copyright Lenovo 2008. LENOVO products, data, computer software, and services have be

Seite 13 - 2-4

Chapter 3. 3-3TroubleshootingIf you have a problem setting up or using your monitor, you might be able to solve it yourself. Before calling your de

Seite 14 - Table 2-2. OSD functions

3-4 D156 Wide Flat Panel Monitor User’s GuideManual image setupIf automatic image setup does not establish the image that you prefer, perform ma

Seite 15 - 2-6

Chapter 3. 3-5Manually installing the monitor driverBelow are steps for manually installing the monitor driver in Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsof

Seite 16 - Chapter 2

Installing the monitor driver in Windows XPTo use the Plug and Play feature in Windows XP, files should be loaded from the Reference and Driver CD.Not

Seite 17 - Detaching the monitor stand

Service information Product numbers The product number for your monitor is located on the side of the display bezel as shown below.

Seite 18 - Monitor specifications

Service parts The following parts are for use by Lenovo service, or Lenovo authorized dealers, to support the customer warranty. Par

Seite 19

Appendix A. Service and Support The following information describes the technical support that is available for your product, during

Seite 20 - Troubleshooting

Country or Region Telephone Number Austria Up and running support: 01-24592-5901 Warranty service and support: 01-211-454-610 (German) Be

Seite 21 - Manual image setup

Country or Region Telephone Number Hungary +36-1-382-5720 India 1600-44-6666 Alternate Toll Free: +91-80-2678-8940 (English) Indonesia 800-1

Seite 22 - Microsoft. Windows XP

Country or Region Telephone Number Poland +48-22-878-6999 Portugal +351-21-892-7147 (Portuguese) Romania +4-021-224-4015 Russian Federation

Seite 23 - Getting further help

© Copyright Lenovo 2008. © iiContentsSafety information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Seite 24 - Service information

© Copyright Lenovo 2008. © B-1Appendix B. NoticesLenovo may not offer the products, services, or features discussed in this document in all countries

Seite 25 - Service parts

B-2D156 Wide Flat Panel Monitor User’s GuideTrademarksThe following terms are trademarks of Lenovo in the United States, other countries, or both:

Seite 26 - Worldwide telephone list

iii D156 Wide Flat Panel Monitor User’s GuideSafety informationBefore installing this product, read the Safety Information.ííí

Seite 27

© Copyright Lenovo 2008. © 1-1Chapter 1. Getting startedThis User’s Guide contains detailed information on the your Flat Panel Monitor. For a quick

Seite 28

1-2 D156 Wide Flat Panel Monitor User’s GuideProduct overviewThis section will provide information on adjusting monitor positions, setting user

Seite 29

Chapter 1. 1-3Setting up your monitorThis section provides information on how to set up your monitor.Connecting and turning on your monitorNote: B

Seite 30 - Appendix B. Notices

1-4 D156 Wide Flat Panel Monitor User’s Guide3.4.Plug the monitor power cord and the computer cord into grounded electrical outlets.Power on t

Seite 31 - Trademarks

Chapter 1. 1-55. To install the monitor driver , insert the Reference and Driver CD, click IInstall driver, and follow the on-screen instruct

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