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Stöbern Sie online oder laden Sie Bedienungsanleitung nach Uhr Lenovo Moto 360 herunter. Lenovo Moto 360 User Manual Benutzerhandbuch

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Motorola Connect Features
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Moto 360
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Seite 1 - Moto 360

Start Android WearMotorola Connect FeaturesWatch bands Want more?TroubleshootSafetyAt a glanceSearchMoto 360pick a topic, get what you need

Seite 2 - At a glance

BackNextMoreMenuMotorola ConnectQuick start: Motorola ConnectUse the Motorola Connect app on your phone to set up and manage your Moto 360 watch and o

Seite 3 - Charge up

BackNextMoreMenuMotorola ConnectCustomize watch facesUse Connect to customize watch faces that have the moto logo on them. You can change background c

Seite 4 - Download & pair

BackNextMoreMenuMotorola ConnectLocate your watchTouch A p p s >Connect, touch the Moto 360 illustration, then scroll down to Location to view the

Seite 5 - Power on & off

BackNextMoreMenuFeaturesChange watch facesDefine your style.Tip: You can customize watch faces, even design your own watch face with the Motorola Conn

Seite 6 - Tips & tricks

BackNextMoreMenuFeaturesHands-free scrollingFlip through watch notifications with a simple flick of your wrist. To activate/deactivate wrist gestures,

Seite 7 - MoreMenu

BackNextMoreMenuFeatures• Turn off notifications temporarily (Theater mode): To turn off your watch’s screen so the display doesn’t light up and notif

Seite 8 - Android Wear

BackNextMoreMenuFeaturesNavigationTurn-by-turn navigation instructions on your wrist—what could be easier?Just tell your watch where you want to go. T

Seite 9

BackNextMoreMenuFeaturesSee calories burned A notification card shows how many calories you’ve burned each day, and how far you are from reaching your

Seite 10

BackNextMoreMenuWatch bandsRemove/replace your watch bandRemoving and replacing the Moto 360 watch band requires some specialized tools.If you need to

Seite 11 - Motorola Connect

BackNextMoreMenuWant more?Get helpThere’s more help, updates, and information right here:•Help: For more info and help with your watch: On your phone,

Seite 12

BackNextMoreMenuAt a glanceFirst look Your new Moto 360 watch keeps you up to date without taking you out of the moment. Glance at your wrist to see u

Seite 13 - Features

BackNextMoreMenuTroubleshootingUnresponsive watchIn the unlikely event that your watch becomes unresponsive, press and hold the power button for 25 se

Seite 14

BackNextMoreMenuLegalCopyright & TrademarksCopyri ght & Tradema rksMotorola Mobility LLC222 W. Merchandise Mart Plaza16th FloorChicago, IL 606

Seite 15

BackNextMoreMenuStartCharge upBefore using your Moto 360 for the first time, charge it for two hours or until the charge level indicator on the watch

Seite 16

BackNextMoreMenuStartDownload & pairPairing your watch with your phone is quick and easy. 1 On your phone, touch Apps >Play Store to find and

Seite 17

BackNextMoreMenuStart4 Turn on watch notifications so your phone can send updates to your Moto 360. Android Wear notifications can be turned on/off at

Seite 18 - Watch bands

BackNextMoreMenuStartTips & tricks•Trusted device: When you connect your Moto 360 watch with a Motorola phone for the first time, the phone asks i

Seite 19 - Want more?

BackNextMoreMenuStart•Restart: Touch the screen, then scroll down and touch Settings >Restart.• Factory reset: Touch the screen, then scroll down a

Seite 20 - Troubleshooting

BackNextMoreMenuAndroid WearQuick start: Android WearAfter you’ve paired your phone and watch (see “Download & pair”), use the Android Wear app on

Seite 21 - Copyright & Trademarks

BackNextMoreMenuAndroid WearAdjust device settingsTouch at the top of the Android Wear screen, then touchMoto 360 to adjust Moto 360 device settings.

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