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Seite 1 - Lenovo 3000 V100

Lenovo 3000 V100Service and Troubleshooting Guide Includes: v Introduction to other sources of information v Important tips fo

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Finding information with the Lenovo Care button The Lenovo Care button can help you in many situations when your computer is workin

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Chapter 2. Caring for your computer Though your computer is designed to function reliably in normal work environments, you need to

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v Do not drop, bump, scratch, twist, hit, vibrate, push, or place heavy objects on your computer, display, or external devices. v

Seite 5 - Contents

v Register your Lenovo products with Lenovo (refer to the Web page: www.lenovo.com/register). This can help authorities return your

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2. Wipe each keytop surface with the cloth. Wipe the keys one by one; if you wipe several keys at a time, the cloth may hook

Seite 7 - Read first

Chapter 3. Solving computer problems Frequently asked questions . . . . . . .8 Diagnosing problems . . . . . . . . .10 Troubl

Seite 8

Frequently asked questions This section lists frequently asked questions and tells where you can find detailed answers. For details a

Seite 9 - © Copyright Lenovo 2006 1

How can I contact the Customer Support Center? See Chapter 6, “Getting help and service,” on page 31 of this Guide. For the phone

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Diagnosing problems If you have a problem with your computer, you can test it by using PC-Doctor® for Windows. To run PC-Doctor for

Seite 11 - © Copyright Lenovo 2006 3

Code Message Description 0212* Keyboard Controller Failed Keyboard controller failed test. May require replacing keyboard controller. 021

Seite 13

Code Message Description 02B002B1 Diskette drive A errorDiskette drive B error Drive A: or B: is present but fails the BIOS POST di

Seite 14

Code Message Description N/A* Parity Check 2 nnnn Parity error found in the I/O bus. BIOS attempts to locate the address and displ

Seite 15 - © Copyright Lenovo 2006 7

A password problem Problem: I forgot my password. Solution: → If you forgot your power-on password, you must take your computer

Seite 16 - Frequently asked questions

Problem: The "critical low-battery error" message appears, and the computer immediately turns off. Solution: The battery power

Seite 17

Problem: The Fn+F12 key combination does not make the computer enter hibernation mode. Solution: The computer cannot enter hibernatio

Seite 18 - Solving computer problems

Problem: Incorrect characters appear on the screen. Solution: Did you install the operating system or application program correctly?

Seite 19

Problem: The computer does not operate with a fully charged battery. Solution: The surge protector in the battery might be active.

Seite 20

Problem: The computer does not turn off with the power switch. Solution: If the standby indicator is on and you are working under

Seite 21 - Errors without messages

Solving computer problems 20 Lenovo 3000 V100 Service and Troubleshooting Guide

Seite 22 - Keyboard problems

Chapter 4. Recovery options Using Rescue and Recovery If Windows is not running properly, use the Rescue and Recovery workspace to h

Seite 23

Lenovo 3000 V100Service and Troubleshooting Guide

Seite 24 - Computer screen problems

Attention: All of the files on the primary hard disk partition (usually drive C) will be lost in the recovery process. However, b

Seite 25 - Battery problems

Chapter 5. Upgrading and replacing devices Replacing the battery Important Read Safety and Warranty Guide before replacing the batter

Seite 26

5. Install a fully charged battery 1.1 6. Slide the battery latch to the locked position 2.22 7. Turn the computer

Seite 27

Attention Handling a hard disk drive v Do not drop the drive or subject it to physical shocks. Put the drive on a material, suc

Seite 28

5. Disconnect the hard disk drive and remove it by pulling out the tab3.3 6. Insert a new hard disk drive into the hard

Seite 29 - Restoring factory contents

7. Reinstall the cover by aligning the front side of the cover first 1, and closing the cover 2. Then tighten the two scre

Seite 30 - Recovery options

2. Turn off the computer; then disconnect the ac adapter and all cables from the computer. 3. Close the computer display, and

Seite 31 - Replacing the battery

8. With the notched end of the SO-DIMM toward the contact edge side of the socket, firmly insert the SO-DIMM into the socket a

Seite 32

To make sure that the SO-DIMM is installed correctly, do as follows: 1. Turn the computer on. 2. While the initial screen is

Seite 33

Chapter 6. Getting help and service Getting help and service If you need help, service, technical assistance, or just want more inf

Seite 34

Note Before using this information and the product it supports, be sure to read the following: v Safety and Warranty Guide includ

Seite 35 - Replacing memory

v Lenovo hardware repair - If the problem is determined to be caused by Lenovo hardware under warranty, trained service personnel

Seite 36

operation, visit the Support Web site at www.lenovo.com/support/phone. If the number for your country or region is not listed, cont

Seite 37

Getting help and service 34 Lenovo 3000 V100 Service and Troubleshooting Guide

Seite 38

Appendix A. Warranty information Warranty Information This Appendix provides information regarding the warranty period and type of warra

Seite 39 - Getting help on the Web

1. Customer Replaceable Unit (″CRU″) Service Lenovo will ship CRUs to you for you to install, Tier 1 CRUs are easy to install w

Seite 40

This type of Warranty Service is a combination of Type 1 and Type 4 (see above).When a 5, 6 or 7 type of warranty service is

Seite 41

Country or Region Telephone Number Cyprus +357-22-841100 Czech Republic +420-2-7213-1316 Denmark 4520-8200 warranty service and support: 7

Seite 42

Country or Region Telephone Number Lithuania +386-61-1796-699 Luxembourg +352-298-977-5063 (French) Malaysia 1800-88-1889 Malta +356-23-4175

Seite 43 - Types of Warranty Service

Country or Region Telephone Number United Kingdom 01475-555-055 Standard warranty support: 08705-500-900 (English) United States 1-800-426-7

Seite 44

Appendix B. Customer Replaceable Units (CRUs) For your computer, the following parts are designated Customer Replaceable Unit (CRU) pa

Seite 45 - Worldwide telephone list

Contents Read first . . . . . . . . . . . . .v Chapter 1. Finding information . . . . .1 This guide and other publications

Seite 46

42 Lenovo 3000 V100 Service and Troubleshooting Guide

Seite 47

Appendix C. Features and Specifications For details about each part and its function of your computer, see “About your computer″ in

Seite 48

v RJ45 Ethernet connector v IEEE1394 connectorExpressCard slot v ExpressCardOptical drive v CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Combo or Multi driv

Seite 49

v Input rating of the ac adapter: 100-240 V ac, 50 to 60 Hz Battery pack v Lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery pack – Nominal volta

Seite 50

Specifications 46 Lenovo 3000 V100 Service and Troubleshooting Guide

Seite 51 - Features

Appendix D. Notices Notices Lenovo may not offer the products, services, or features discussed in this document in all countries. Con

Seite 52 - Specifications

indemnity under the intellectual property rights of Lenovo or third parties. All information contained in this document was obtained

Seite 53

installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning

Seite 54

for any failure to satisfy the protection requirements resulting from a nonrecommended modification of the product, including the fit

Seite 55 - Appendix D. Notices

IBM Lotus Software Offer About the offer: As a qualifying Lenovo computer customer, you are receiving a single, limited license for

Seite 56 - Television output notice

iv Lenovo 3000 V100 Service and Troubleshooting Guide

Seite 57 - Appendix D. Notices 49

International Program License Agreement:The software licensed to you under this offer does not include software upgrades or technical

Seite 58

–In Asia Pacific Countries: Via the Internet: http://smartsuite.modusmedia.com Mail address: IBM - Lotus Notes and SmartSuite Pr

Seite 59 - IBM Lotus Software Offer

54 Lenovo 3000 V100 Service and Troubleshooting Guide

Seite 60

Index AAccess Help 1, 8, 10, 21, 41 Bbatteryproblems 17 replacing 23 boot priority order list 19 Ccarrying the computer 4 cleaning the

Seite 61 - Trademarks

56 Lenovo 3000 V100 Service and Troubleshooting Guide

Seite 63

Part Number: 42T8063 Printed in China (1P) P/N: 42T8063

Seite 64

Read first Avoid leaving the base of your computer, or any other part that becomes hot during operation, in contact with your

Seite 65

Use a quality carrying case that provides adequate cushion and protection. Do not pack your computer in a tightly packed suitcase o

Seite 66 - (1P) P/N: 42T8063

Chapter 1. Finding information This guide and other publications Setup Instructions helps you to unpack your computer and get started.

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