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Seite 1 - C2 Series

Version 1.0Machine type: 10160/F0AK [C260]2013.12LenovoC2 SeriesUser Guide3150653731506537 C260 UG V1.0 (Win8.1)(EN)(R).indb 1 2013-12-6 11:54:0

Seite 2 - Important Safety Information

5User GuideComputer stand15º45ºUse the stand to position the display to your preference. It can be rotated 15º forward and 45º backward.Basic connecto

Seite 3

6User Guide Note: If your computer is equipped with a wireless keyboard or mouse, follow the installation instructions for those devices.Connecting y

Seite 4 - Contents

7User GuideImportant information about using the computerPress the power button on the side of the computer to turn on the computer.Hold the computer

Seite 5

8User GuideConnecting to the InternetTo connect to the Internet, you’ll need a contract with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and some hardware.IPSs

Seite 6 - Using the Computer Hardware

9User GuideWired keyboard (selected models only)LVT —— After entering Windows, press this key to launch the LVT (Lenovo Vantage Technology) program, L

Seite 7 - Front view of the computer

10User Guide31506537 C260 UG V1.0 (Win8.1)(EN)(R).indb 10 2013-12-6 11:54:05

Seite 8

Using Windows 8.1This chapter contains the following topics: Switching between the main Windows 8.1 interfaces The Charms Bar Shutting down the

Seite 9 - Rear view of the computer

12User GuideSwitching between the main Windows 8.1 interfacesWindows 8.1 comes with two main user interfaces: the Start Screen and the Windows desktop

Seite 10 - Basic connector instructions

13User GuideSwitching between appsSometimes you want to get back to an app you were just using, or quickly switch through your recent apps.To switch b

Seite 11 - Connecting your computer

14User Guide31506537 C260 UG V1.0 (Win8.1)(EN)(R).indb 14 2013-12-6 11:54:06

Seite 12 - User Guide

Important Safety InformationBefore using this manual, it is important that you read and understand all of the related safety information for this prod

Seite 13 - Connecting to the Internet

Touch screen instructionsUser Guide15This chapter contains the following topics: Touch Screen Calibration User Gesture Instructions for the Touch

Seite 14

16User GuideThe monitor is touch-sensitive thanks to its touch-sensitive screen. A touch screen is an input device just like a mouse or a keyboard, an

Seite 15

17User GuideBasic Hand Gestures1. Single Click / Double ClickFor the item selected on the touch screen, with one finger touch it one or two times, to

Seite 16 - Using Windows 8.1

18User Guide3. Dragging MovementFirst touch your finger on the desired item on the screen and hold it there, then make a dragging movement. This is si

Seite 17 - Shutting down the computer

19User Guide5. Zoom OperationTouch two fingers lightly on the desired item on the touch screen, then keeping both fingers on the screen, change the dis

Seite 18 - Windows Help and Support

20User GuideRelated Touch Screen Settings• SelectHardware and Sound → Pen and Touch from the Settings charm.• Selecttouchactionswhichyouwisht

Seite 19

21User GuidePrecautions when using the Touch Screen1. When using the touch screen, be careful not to tear the surface with any sharp objects.2. To e

Seite 20 - Touch screen instructions

22User Guide7. The touch screen does not function in Rescue System mode.8. The touch screen also does not function during the startup process, in Hi

Seite 21 - Touch Screen Calibration

Using the Rescue SystemThis chapter contains the following topics: OneKey Recovery Driver and Application Installation Attention: UsingOneKeyRe

Seite 22 - Basic Hand Gestures

24User GuideNote about the service partition:The files and relevant data used by the rescue system are saved in the service partition. Deleting this pa

Seite 23

31506537 C260 UG V1.0 (Win8.1)(EN)(R).indb 2 2013-12-6 11:54:02

Seite 24

25User GuideDriver and Application InstallationThe Driver and Application Installation function in the rescue system provides a way for the user to co

Seite 25 - Related Touch Screen Settings

26User Guide31506537 C260 UG V1.0 (Win8.1)(EN)(R).indb 26 2013-12-6 11:54:09

Seite 26

Using the SoftwareThis chapter contains the following topic: Software instructions Note: The interface and functionality of these features will dep

Seite 27

28User GuideLenovo SupportThe Lenovo Support program enables you to register your computer with Lenovo, download and view user manuals for your comput

Seite 28 - Using the Rescue System

Troubleshooting and Confirming SetupThis chapter contains the following topic: Troubleshooting and Problem Resolution Note:ThedescriptionoftheT

Seite 29 - OneKey Recovery

30User GuideSolving ProblemsFollow these tips when troubleshooting your computer:• Ifyouaddedorremovedapartbeforetheproblemstarted,review

Seite 30 - Method 2: Manual Installation

31User GuideProblem: Ripple on screen.Troubleshooting and problem resolution:1. Check to see if any of the following devices are located less than on

Seite 31

32User GuideProblem: No sound from headphones.Troubleshooting and problem resolution:• Checktheheadphonecableconnection—ensurethattheheadpho

Seite 32 - Using the Software

33User GuideTroubleshooting Problems with Optical Drives and Hard DisksProblem: The Optical drive is unable to read a CD/DVD.Troubleshooting and probl

Seite 33 - Lenovo Support

34User GuideThe capacity of the hard disk as calculated using this method may be slightly different from the actual capacity due to the rounding of to

Seite 34 - Confirming Setup

iContentsContentsImportant Safety InformationUsing the Computer Hardware ... 1Front view of the computer

Seite 35 - Solving Problems

35User GuideWhen do I need to change the boot mode?The default boot mode for your computer is the UEFI mode. If you need to install a legacy Windows o

Seite 36 - Troubleshooting Touch screen

36User Guide31506537 C260 UG V1.0 (Win8.1)(EN)(R).indb 36 2013-12-6 11:54:10

Seite 37

37User GuideAppendix.DeclarationThank you for using Lenovo products.Carefully read all documents shipped with your computer before you install and use

Seite 38

38User GuideTrademarksLenovo and the Lenovo logo, IdeaCentre and IdeaCentre logo are trademarks of Lenovo in the United States, other countries, or bo

Seite 39 - BIOS setup utility

39User Guideenvironment, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.For more information about ENERGY STAR, go to: http://www.energystar.gov.Lenovo

Seite 40

40User GuideIn Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 operating system, you also need to disable Fast Startup function to meet the off mode requirement of ErP compl

Seite 41

41User GuideResponsible party:Lenovo (United States) Incorporated1009 Think Place - Building OneMorrisville, NC 27560U.S.A.Telephone: (919) 294-5900Me

Seite 42 - Appendix

42User Guide31506537 C260 UG V1.0 (Win8.1)(EN)(R).indb 42 2013-12-6 11:54:11

Seite 43 - Energy Star Statement

iiContentsUsing the Rescue System ... 23OneKey Recovery ...

Seite 44 - Enabling ErP compliance mode

User Guide1This chapter contains the following topics: Introduction to the computer hardware Information on computer connections Note: The descri

Seite 45 - Electronic emissions notices

2User GuideFront view of the computer Attention: Be careful not to block any air vents on the computer. Blocked air vents can cause overheating.76541

Seite 46 - Mexico regulatory notice

3User GuideLeft and right views of the computer Attention: Be sure not to block any air vents on the computer. Blocked air vents may cause thermal pr

Seite 47

4User GuideRear view of the computer1 2 3554Power connector Ethernet connectorHDMI-out connector USB 2.0 connectors (2)Air vents31506537 C260 UG V1.0

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