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Stöbern Sie online oder laden Sie Datenblatt nach All-in-One-Arbeitsstation Lenovo 7567E3T herunter. Lenovo Edge 71z Benutzerhandbuch

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recommends Windows
7 Professional.
Green ComputinG with
reusable baG, enerGy star 5.0
and epeat silver CertifiCation
20” sCreen
fast performanCe with
latest teChnoloGy at a
Competitive priCe
unCompromised desktop
performanCe in a CompaCt
up to 8 Gb memory; optional display
port for dual independent display;
optional ssd
sleek desiGn with a spill-proof
wireless keyboard that slides
under the pC for more spaCe savinGs
Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2.0 for Windows
7 uses RapidBoot technology to start your PC on
average 20 seconds faster than a typical Windows
7 computer*. And with superior web conferencing
and robust security features, you’ll benefit from increased productivity at the oce. Find out more at
*Compares averaged data from Lenovo EE 2.0 PCs with averaged data from 42 competitor products of similar configuration. Testing conducted by CNET Labs,
Beijing in November 2010, using the independent Microso VTS tool to measure start-up, shutdown, resume and other Windows
7 performance measurements.
Data from competitor and Lenovo PCs were averaged and compared to calculate the claims used. Performance will vary by model and configuration.
Introducing Lenovo’s first mainstream Edge All-in-One (AIO) with spectacular features for performance,
productivity, and space saving. The Edge 71z delivers a competitive low price specifically designed for SMBs. The
ThinkCentre Edge 71z continues the stylish fashion of the Lenovo Edge series, and includes reliability features and
space savings to reduce costs. The Edge 71z liberates crowded oces from bulky desktops with tangled peripheral
cables. This sleek and powerful AIO is set to enhance your business with class.
Elegant: Traditional desktops demand a lot of space and clutter oces, making multiple desktops a nightmare to
maintain. The Edge 71z brings desktop-level productivity to the workplace while saving on space, more than even
an ultra-small form factor. Place the Edge 71z on its feet, mount it on a wall, or swing it on an arm – it fits any work
Ecient: The Edge 71z AIO delivers performance in a compact form, allowing SMBs to do even more. With up to
Intel® Core i5 is top oering for now power ecient processors, you get the benefit of greater computing power
with lower energy consumption. This performance is complemented by the optional SSD and up to 8 GB of memory
adding both stability and speed. The Edge 71z is more eco-friendly than its predecessors enabling greater energy
savings. Also the Edge 71z’s reduced packaging contents means less material waste and lower environmental
Convenient: Delivering superior productivity, the Edge 71z includes a 20” display for stunning, high-resolution
visuals, along with an optional digital Display Port for Dual Independent Display. A safer spill-proof wireless
keyboard slides under the AIO and the rubberized handle makes moving the PC from one location to another a
hassle-free experience.
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Lenovo® recommends Windows® 7 Professional.ELEGANT. EFFICIENT. CONVENIENT.THE LENOVO® THINKCENTRE® EDGE 71zGreen ComputinG with reusable baG, enerGy s

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Lenovo® recommends Windows® 7 Professional.THE LENOVO® THINKCENTRE® EDGE 71zPERFORM WITH SMART TECHNOLOGY• Uncompromised desktop-level performance, w

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Lenovo® recommends Windows® 7 Professional.LENOVO/ TVT TOOLSSupported ThinkVantage Tools• Rescue and Recovery• Password Manager• Communication Util


Lenovo® recommends Windows® 7 Professional.WWW.LENOVO.COMspeCifiCationsOPERATING SYSTEM PROCESSOR FORM FACTORGenuine Windows® 7 Professional 64-bitwit

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